The evolution of game boy modding has advanced to bring modern display technology to consoles over 30 years old. As children, we only dreamed of playing Pokemon in the dark, not to mention on beautiful contrast and color rich displays. Many will remember the way we had to angle the lamp to avoid glare or the funny worm lights and boxes that overtook the clean look of the classic brick shape. Decades later, we finally have a solution that meets today's standards.

DMG IPS Kit contents


  • DMG IPS Front PCB (larger green board)
  • DMG IPS Display Driver PCB (smaller green board)
  • Ribbon cables 2x
  • Optional IPS Bracket (sold separately)
  • Tape strips (if not using aligning bracket)


  • Tri-wing screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Razor blade or X-acto knife
  • Soldering iron for speaker install
  • New or old speaker and wires

Be sure to test your components before installing and applying any adhesive. WARNING: LCD displays can be fragile and may break if dropped or if too much pressure is applied. Please be careful when installing.

A closeup of the IPS display and display driver


Back of the DMG Housing

Like any game boy project, start by removing the screws holding your original Game Boy together. 6 tri wing screws in total. Save these screws for installation later. After removing, gently separate the ribbon cable connection attaching the front and the back PCBs. Remove the screws attaching the front PCB to the front housing and set aside. Now is a great time to clean and refurbish your case if you plan to reuse it.

Back PCB & shell (left), front shell (right)

Case Modification

Some case modification will be required in order to get a perfect fit. This includes 2 screw posts, an internal ridge near the power switch and another ridge near the contrast wheel. Using a razor blade of x-acto knife, gently remove this plastic and be careful not to remove any skin from your fingers. Getting a flush cut will help with your install.

Use a straight razor or X-acto knife to safely trim this plastic

Ridge Modification

Removing the ridge on the left side of the back housing will be important to keep your birghtness/color dial free from compression.

IPS display mounted in an aligning bracket

If you are not using an aligning bracket, the kit comes with adhesive tape strips so you can adhere your LCD in place. We find this to be a mediocre solution that will not last the test of time. In addition to the tape, use some hot glue to better adhere your display.

Our aligning bracket is a snug fit so the LCD will not slip out of place

New Front PCB

Now it's time to screw the new front PCB into the front shell housing. Before you do that, install your buttons and silicone pads. Remember two of the screw posts were removed so there will be two less screws to install.

Backlight Color Control

The backlight color is controlled by pressing in on the black dial. Cycle through various color choices to match your game choice, mood or what you think looks best.

Speaker Install

Before screwing the PCB back to the front housing, solder your speaker and optional speaker ring. Hot glue or speaker rings can be used to keep your new speaker from rattling. The traditional speaker replacements do not requires adapters or glue, just upgraded 1W or 2W speakers used with the CleanAmp Audio Amplifier.

Cable Connection

Secure the thin long cable connecting the small display driver PCB to the larger front PCB. Make note, the blue side of the cable should be facing you. NOTE: The black flap will flip up to open the slot and flip down to secure the cable. Only insert the cable when the flap is up.

Ribbon Cable Orientation

Next it's time to joint the front and back of the console. After doing so, test your installation once more to make sure you have completed the steps correctly.

Make sure you have both of the blue sides facing you when installing the larger ribbon cable.


Cycle through color choices to view the variety of options available. Adhere a glass screen or new plastic replacement to complete your look. If you require extra support, please email us at support@hhl.zendesk.com or visit our website.


D-Pad Sensitivity Fix

Some have found the D-pad sensitivity of the new front PCB to be lacking. This is only a few units, but if you experience this issue there is a reported fix.

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