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Outdoor adventures are all about the stories, the friends we make and the places that we go. The Wild & Free Collective is a media company, specializing in photography that helps to relive the experiences and showcase the adventure along the way.
The Wild & Free Collective offers a variety of services including the following:
Trip Documentation
Content Creation
Advertisement Photography
There is so much more to hunting and fishing than the inches of antler or the number of birds in the bag. There are the campfires, the friendships, the laughs and the struggles. These elements are a crucial part of the outdoor experience and they all play off each other. Without the lows, the highs wouldn't be as high and without the struggles, the friendships aren't as strong. We value these elements and want to bring them to light. Our goal is to show our audience what outdoor adventures are really about--the land, the friendships and the wildlife. It is about seeing wild places and feeling a sense of freedom that only the outdoors can offer!

Who are we?

We are experienced hunters that feel at home exploring wild places. We love telling stories through a camera lens. Our mission is to tell your story, not only so you can relive it everytime you flip through your photos, but also to ignite a fire in a potential public land user so they might help us protect the land we love.
We enjoy working with quality brands that encourage ethical hunting and fishing, public land conservation and wildlife conservation. We have worked with several top tier brands in the outdoor industry, including:
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Kyle Mlynar

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