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The story of Trussardi, is a story of innovation, exploration, and of pushing boundaries, bringing a comprehensive vision of Italian style to a global market. The story begins in 1911 in Bergamo, when Dante Trussardi started a luxury glove business.

The company rapidly became one of the most highly regarded in the world, supplying the British Royal Family.

In the 1960s Nicola Trussardi, Dante's grandson, took over, with a vision to create Italy’s first lifestyle brand. The company rapidly extended its product offering, bringing suitcases, handbags, and homeware to market.

Innovations in product and business were part of the DNA of the brand. In 1984 in Piazza Duomo, Trussardi was the first brand to open a fashion show to the public. The tradition continued, with unique public spaces being used to stage the show, from Milan Central Station to the Palazzo Della Borsa, forging a unique collection with the Milanese public.

The 80s saw Trussardi launch ready-to-wear, while collaborating with some of the most prestigious Italian firms, from Alitalia to Garelli, from Agusta to Alfa Romeo, to cement their reputation as the definitive expression of Italian style.

Constant innovation in fabric and techniques kept the firm at the centre of contemporary Italian design and fashion.

It’s tradition of craft technique brought treatments to leather to achieve a signature softness and make it unmistakably Trussardi.

Cultural collaborations followed, in theatre and the arts, participating in the staging of events at Verona Arena, Castello Sforzesco and many more. In 1996 this materialised as the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, which stages contemporary art events and exhibitions in and around the city of Milan.

Meanwhile, the brand continued an onward global expansion into emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Innovation in retail has continued to define the brand; the T Store concept was launched in the 1990s, combining different offerings from the Trussardi world in one place.

Advertising campaigns promoted the Trussardi style around the world thanks to collaborations with the worlds best photographers, including Richard Avedon, Mario Testino, Michel Comte and Steven Klein.

Trussardi Alla Scala was another first flagship building in the fashion world that hosts not only showrooms and boutiques but a Michelin-starred restaurant; just one more facet of Trussardi, the original Italian lifestyle brand.


The Trussardi Group maintains the values of a family business; uniquely Milanese, and traditionally made, but looking to the future, focusing on bringing Contemporary Italian style to a global audience. Today, the group is building on the immense heritage of the brand, and its DNA as an innovator, to bring a fresh and contemporary approach to Italian style, with multiple entry points. It continues to expand its global footprint, reflecting the continued desirability for Italian style and lifestyle.

The fourth generation of the family leads the company, with Tomaso Trussardi as CEO, and Gaia Trussardi as Creative Director.

"Trussardi boasts a great tradition we want to preserve, even as we innovate for the future. Creating a bond between the past and the future, between ready-to-wear and accessories, is crucial to brand growth and image in an increasingly competitive and digitized world,” says Tomaso.

Gaia Trussardi echoes this sentiment’ "Trussardi has always been a brand of breath, with a desirability and clear identity, so my goal is to renew the brand, while respecting that heritage, and remaining modern, contemporary and forward looking.”


Create contemporary Italian Style & Lifestyle Products.


Contemporary Italian Style, crafted from leather.


Traditionally made, uniquely Milanese, instantly iconic.


The Trussardi identity is shaped by leather tradition and inspired by modern lifestyle. It’s the story of a welcoming family that has seen the world, yet knows that Italy is the true home of contemporary style.

Crafted over decades to look effortlessly chic.

A family of strong individuals, who complement each other.

That embraces a wider group of artists and artisans, designers and makers, who reflect the life of modern Milan. Each member bringing their own personality to the brand. Who dress up and dress down, but always with style and elegance.


For over one hundred years, the brand has represented the solidity and creativity of a fashion house and the commitment and values of a family.

Research has always been the starting point for every product and project of Trussardi Group.

In fashion, Trussardi has acquired expertise in over a century and a capacity in developing new techniques for working with leather and fabric. The group is firmly rooted in Italian industrial history and its leather-crafting skill is unequalled around the world.

The creativity of Trussardi Group, which has reinvented and renewed itself over the past century, expresses an image of effortless elegance, an attention to detail, and allure.

Along with its products and unmistakable style, Trussardi is – through its daily activities in a wide range of sectors – the quintessential example of Italian manufacturing excellence.

Each time that Trussardi takes the stage in the areas of fashion, design and food, it combines its culture and reputation of the past with the emotion, lightness, irony and vision of today. The powerful legacy that Trussardi has built over time allows it to introduce exciting surprises, rapid innovation, and small revolutions in our daily life.


Trussardi does business globally, selling its lines Trussardi and Trussardi Jeans and its accessories and licenses through a single, select distribution network in Italy, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that includes 160 Trussardi boutiques and over 3000 multi-brand stores, in-store boutiques and department stores and the trussardi.com website available in over 28 countries worldwide, generating a total turnover of 182 million euros.

Trussardi Facade:

T Trussardi Facade:

Trussardi Outlet:

T Trussardi Outlet


The Trussardi alla Scala flagship store on Piazza della Scala is the symbol of the Trussardi lifestyle and its eclectic spirit. The boutique designed by Gaia Trussardi, which covers a surface area of 250 square meters on one level, harmoniously accommodates Trussardi and Trussardi Jeans apparel and accessories for men and women.

The Milanese flagship store was designed to welcome guests to Casa Trussardi and present its world of effortless elegance in a contemporary, international setting that is also enhanced by the presence of Café Trussardi alla Scala.


The Trussardi collection, designed for refined, discerning customers, is the expression of Italian artisan workmanship reinterpreted with an elegantly cool spirit.

The collection presents the runway collection and the ready-to-wear menswear and womenswear lines completed by bags, accessories, footwear, small leather goods, and a wide range of licensed products.

Accessories are made in Italy with absolute quality and distinctive style, interpreting effortless elegance with a contemporary twist. The choice of materials and leathers is unparalleled: Trussardi collections are distinguished by superb know-how and an attention to detail that are the result of over one hundred years of experience.


The Italian aptitude for travel reveals an elegance that is a genuine lifestyle and never changes, whatever the latitude. That longing for adventure and need to explore, understand and learn is the spark behind the intelligence, creativity and industriousness of Milan. For the new Spring/Summer 2018 collection Trussardi starts again from the beginning – back to Trussardi and that innovative spirit which has always distinguished the brand and family that created it – to express a world of contemporary style.

Volumes are full, like imaginary parachutes. Silk and organza billow on sleeves and silhouettes and are held snugly in place with drawstrings, straps and belts. Abstract designs of plane fuselages, a memory and emblem of faraway journeys, are turned into embellishments: leather panels are cut and applied to dresses, outerwear, blouses and trousers.

As if viewed from above, camouflaged by the distance, the imaginary meadows of floral prints are subdued as if seen at dusk or at night. Pilot jumpsuits, a symbol of flight, are the main silhouette for completely renewed creations inspired by the free and enterprising spirit of great female travelers like Amelia Earhart.

The menswear collection evokes these messages, making them lighter and even ironic. Prints are a flight logbook of metal studs and embroidery that mimic planes, emblems and honorary aeronautical medals. Crisp nylon with a parachute effect is the predominant fabric.

Flat platform sandals with straps and gold buckles alternate with high-heeled sabots with buckles and straps that wrap around the ankle.

The leather-working tradition is renewed to create unique accessories expressing new contemporary luxury like the GITA BAG, Trussardi’s latest iconic bag. Its name brings to mind the one-day trip out of town, a familiar ritual of Italian lifestyle. It is an adventure that is not fueled by faraway spaces but by style, traditions and elegance that are entirely Italian. Based on a bag design from the Trussardi archives, the GITA BAG gives classic style a contemporary twist with leather trim, a compact shape and a series of details and hardware that bring to mind the tags, labels and emblems that accumulate on a suitcase after many trips. The GITA BAG – which will be presented in three versions (regular, medium and mini) and in the colors and leathers featured in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection – will be immediately available at Trussardi.com.


The Trussardi Jeans brand is the casual side of Trussardi style: this iconic world of denim has always been tied to the elegance and culture that distinguish the brand.

Its collections feature quality fabrics and denim, strong silhouettes, bold colors, and a distinct streetwear style.

Classic fits have been joined over the years by new ones to satisfy the interests of younger customers, and an in-depth research of new washes has led to the development of eco, vintage and marbleized treatments.


The LOVY Bag, first launched in 2016 as Trussardi’s new iconic accessory, represents a concept of accessible luxury offering style and superb artisan craftsmanship. Versatile and suitable for everyday use, the LOVY Bag has a trapezoid shape and is made of soft leather. The flap is embellished with a clasp featuring Trussardi’s “signature” Greyhound, which was reinterpreted with a new circular design in polished gold-tone metal to create a harmonious contrast.

For Spring/Summer 2017, the LOVY Bag also comes in a mini version made of Crespo, a famous Trussardi material and important part of the brand heritage, in shades of burgundy, red, black, blue and camel.

The celebrity testimonial of both LOVY Bags is Michelle Hunziker, who stars in short videos and in an institutional advertising campaign shot at Villa Trussardi in Bergamo.



Thanks to an exclusive multi-year worldwide licensing agreement with Angelini Beauty Group, Trussardi quality is also expressed through its perfumes.

Angelini Beauty Group, an international leader in the perfume industry thanks to its strong production, strategic and distribution capacity, ensures complete product development: production, marketing and shipping worldwide, with a focus on quality and service.


Trussardi signed a licensing agreement in July 2015 with De Rigo Vision S.p.A. for the design, production and worldwide distribution of Trussardi optical and sunwear collections.

The Trussardi Eyewear collection is known for its distinct, understated style that interprets classic luxury with a contemporary, ironic twist. The sunwear and optical lines reveal sleek, simple design. Trussardi’s signature style is expressed through its choice of materials and shapes that create the perfect combination of elegance, comfort and great attention to detail.


In June 2014, Trussardi Group signed an important agreement with Morellato – the top Italian-owned jewelry and watch manufacturer – for the production and international distribution of Trussardi watches.

Italian know-how, tradition and dynamism are behind this partnership between the brand of the Greyhound and Morellato Group: a union that reaffirms a talent in the art of manufacturing and a careful eye for detail that both come from great experience in artisan production techniques.

The Swiss Made watches for men and women feature sleek, simple lines. Trussardi’s distinctive stylistic elements are expressed through a choice of shapes and materials that create a perfect combination of timeless elegance, sophistication and exquisite details.


Since late 2016, the Trussardi Junior collection has been produced and distributed worldwide by Brave Kid, a company of OTB Group. The Fall/Winter 2017 collection will be the first developed in collaboration with Brave Kid.

Trussardi elegance has therefore been reinterpreted for kids through details characterized by the iconic greyhound, floral prints, all-over logos turned into bright and colorful graphic prints, and elegant outfits and dresses inspired by the menswear and womenswear collections. The Trussardi Junior collection for boys and girls ages 4 to 14 includes apparel and a series of coordinated accessories.


In November 2016 Trussardi Group signed a partnership agreement with Lardini for the license of the new label called TRUSSARDI Elegance, a line of formal menswear.

The inspiration comes from the need to make formalwear more contemporary by combining three-dimensional textures and traditional menswear colors, embellished with warm accents such as burgundy and beige, as well as striking black and white checks.


Trussardi Group continues to expand its lifestyle range with new licensing agreements and partnerships: Mirabello/Caleffi (Trussardi Home Linen), Zambaiti (Trussardi Wall Decor), La Bottega (Trussardi amenities), Fashion Streetwear Italia (TRUSSARDI for Your Dog) and the collaboration with Dynamiq Yachts for Trussardi luxury yacht décor.


In the eighties and nineties, the brand expressed a lifestyle through objects and products that now constitute the archive which is used as inspiration for new Trussardi Design collections. All Trussardi projects – from the “Inside“ collection of briarwood and metal desk accessories to the Trussardi telephone and from the prestigious partnerships with Alitalia, Alfa Romeo, Vespa, Mini, Busnelli to the Trussardi bicycle, which became an icon of elegance – combine artisan tradition and absolute quality with contemporary design and style. Durante the Milan Furniture Show in 2011, Trussardi MY Design, created in cooperation with British designer Michael Young, made its debut.

In 2014, Trussardi Group launched the Trussardi Casa collection, in license with Luxury Living Group, at the Milan Furniture Show.


In 2014, during the Milan Furniture Show, Trussardi Group launched the Trussardi Casa collection in cooperation with Luxury Living Group, a leader in the Italian luxury furniture and lifestyle sector.

Gaia Trussardi, the Creative Director of Trussardi Group, and the architect Carlo Colombo envisioned a contemporary, elegant home with distinctive Milanese style true to the understated luxury and effortless elegance typical of the brand of the Greyhound.

The result is a complete furniture line composed of sofas, armchairs, beds, rugs and lamps that stand out for their exquisite details and superb Italian quality.



A partnership agreement was signed in May 2013 between Trussardi and Juventus uniting two world-famous Italian enterprises, known for their innovative approach and ability to express style and fair play, in a new Italian story with profound roots and a future-forward attitude.

Elegance, Italian character, dynamism and tradition are the values of this partnership between the brand of the greyhound and the Italian championship football club. This affinity is based on a common past marked by Italian excellence, great success, and ambitious goals.

Trussardi designed an exclusive wardrobe for Juventus players and management composed of an official formal suit, a waterproof rubberized nylon parka and an elegant blue cashmere/silk blend cardigan.


In June 2015, Trussardi and Coca-Cola teamed up to create two exclusive limited edition projects.

Trussardi creativity and Coca-Cola Light, the most fashionista and contemporary brand of Coca-Cola, worked together to create the Elegantly Cool limited edition composed of three cans personalized by the brand of the Greyhound.

Trussardi was also the first fashion brand to “dress” the iconic contoured bottle in celebration of its 100th anniversary.


In December 2014, Samsung Electronics Italia and Trussardi Group joined forces on a special project: a limited edition of covers for the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 smartphones and for the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 tablet featuring the iconic Greyhound with a cool, glam twist.



Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala is the sublimation of our brand values: Italian spirit, tradition, elegance, unconventional creativity, and a pursuit of excellence.

Patrons are accompanied on a culinary experience that begins with the ambiance and goes far beyond the delicious food, offering international hospitality with an instinctively Italian flavor.

Walls covered in light mélange beige 3D textured fabric, sofas with burnished brass frames covered in buttery soft aviator blue leather with capitonné upholstered seats and backs, and vintage brass and glass wall sconces and floor lamps create relaxing moods and a comfortable atmosphere. Ornamental plants and personal objects from the Trussardi family’s collection of art and antiques give a sense of being invited into a home where one can fully appreciate the lifestyle of the Greyhound.

Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala celebrates Italy’s traditional culinary art through its delicious dishes that skillfully blend and enhance simple flavors and are made with carefully selected ingredients intuitively combined in an always surprising -- but never too unconventional -- way. The balanced dishes, which blend creativity and a respect for great classic cuisine made contemporary through the use of advanced techniques, are enhanced by a prestigious selection of exclusive Italian and international wines.


With its metropolitan ambiance, urban moods, cosmopolitan style, and gourmet menu of uncompromised quality, this bistrot is a well-balanced fusion of fashion and food.

The defining elements of Café Trussardi, a 400 square meter area which shares space with the Trussardi flagship store, are its Square Bar – a massive island-style bar framed by the bookcase-style wine rack serving exclusive international labels, high quality biodynamic wines from micro wineries, fine distilled spirits, artisan niche products and personalized drinks concocted by the creative baristas of the Greyhound -- and the striking Déhors dining area. Inaugurated in 2009, the glass-enclosed outdoor dining area is an eco-design architectural structure topped by a vertical garden composed of over three thousand plants. The installation by French landscape architect Patrick Blanc is not just a work of art and an unusual garden of over 100 square meters in the heart of Milan, but it is also an eco-friendly project designed to optimize the building’s thermal insulation.


The Lounge of Café Trussardi – with its exclusive and naturally elegant setting, relaxing ambiance and discreet hospitality – is a chic fumoir overlooking the La Scala Opera House and designed to enhance every taste experience. In this getaway right in the heart of the city you can savor a gourmet dish from Café Trussardi or take a break and enjoy a drink from the fine selection of wines and distilled spirits. This soothing space on the Palazzo Trussardi Alla Scala mezzanine is the perfect place for sampling a preview of cocktails for the following season and smoking a cigar, which does not bother other guests due to the powerful ventilation system.


Trussardi Group: info@trussardi.com

Trussardi Group Press Office: pressoffice@trussardi.com

Tomaso Trussardi, CEO

Gaia Trussardi, Creative Director: Daniela Renzoni: danielarenzoni@trussardi.com

Massimo Dell’Acqua, Managing Director: Laura Pellegrinelli: laurapellegrinelli@trussardi.com

Marialuisa Trussardi, President: Luisa Chieu: luisachieu@trussardi.com

Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala and Café Trussardi: info@trussardiallascala.com

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