Our queen’s 93rd birthday. Donald Trump’s state visit. D-Day celebrations. Rafa Nadal’s 12th French Open victory. Liverpool's Champions League Cup win. Teresa May’s resignation. Liisa Lindstrom’s 75th birthday. Richard and Wendy Hinds’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Fifty not out.

The list is not endless but, at the very start of June, on the first day thereof, our focus was on Cudeca, the golf competition and the fund raising. The target was worthy and very ambitious. To better last year’s record sum.

“La Cala Resort has held this important and worthwhile charity event for the past 25 years. Cudeca Golf Cup aims to raise funds for Cudeca (Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice) to help them in their vital work, and especially to provide urgently needed funds for the inpatients department. Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice is a non-profit organization that provides palliative cares for patients with advanced cancer and also support to their families.

A beautiful sunny day welcomed 41 men and 23 lady players for the XXVI Cudeca Cup - this year played on Europa. It was a great turn out and - Antonio Garcia Sánchez from Añoreta Golf (whose mum had been cared for by Cudeca) was the eventual overall winner with 41 Stableford points (his playing handicap of 25.3 now cut to 23.0.).

However, the winner on the day was Cudeca - thanks to the sterling efforts of Judi Lentelink (Raffle & Shrapnel collection), Derek & June Steele (Tombola & Car Park Draw, Guess the weight & amount coins), Damien Murphy Jr. (Beat the Pro), Carol Rees with Vic & Pauline Hilliard (Carol's Club Corner) and Loraine Murphy (together with Richard Ledgard & Vic Hilliard) standing in for Damien Murphy for the Auction - Kate Bradley (Clothes & Accessories Swap Shop), Brian Farmer (tee sponsorship) and all those who kindly sponsored a tee on the day and gave cash donations or purchased a sunflower - with special thanks to La Cala Resort for sponsoring the prizes and especially Robert Mitchell and Flavio Papa who took part in the auction by allowing bids to "play a round" with them. All of which effort allowed the amount raised - pending final confirmation - to rise to over 8,600 €.

The reward bar may not have been raised higher but in terms of time and effort the involvement of all was to be admired. Even down to those who simply bought raffle tickets, or donated raffle/tombola/auction items. It was a great team effort, once more, and the Committee are gratefull. As will be Cudeca, represented on the day by Susan Hannam who, as always, reminded us all of the needs of this remarkable charity in her short, but heartfelt speech.

For those who were away or unable to attend on the day - and would still like to provide a donation to increase the final total amount raised - please contact Brian Farmer on email bjfgolf@gmail.com who will be delighted to accept all donations! Well done everybody !!

Don't forget that Jack is always on the hunt for news (that can be printed) so do contact him directly on jackperry27@gmail.com with any stories or photos of interest. It is hoped that with the new digital format of the newsletter, and the able assistance of Dorothée Schmidt, that Jack will be able to provide us with even greater coverage of Club Events. If you have any suggestions on how Member Communications can be improved do let Jack or your Club Captains know.”

First of all our thanks should go to Loraine Murphy, whose words you have been reading thus far, and who very bravely stepped into the shoes of husband Damien to front the auction. Loraine is not unhappy with a microphone in her hands, or standing up in front of an audience, but Damien is a very hard act to follow when it comes to squeezing that little extra out of members’ pockets. Plus, her list of auctionable items suffered a bit by comparison with recent years. She and her team did extremely well, and everyone in attendance, or involved beforehand, should be proud of the result.

Talking of which the first three men and women were as follows:

1st 41 points Garcia Sanchez Antonio Maria (Añoreta GC) receives his trophy from Robert Mitchell.
2nd 38 points Nick Bernado (La Cala GC) and at 17 the youngest taking part.
3rd 36 points Achim Schmidt (La Cala).

Then, turning to the Ladies:

1st 35 points Monica Peters (La Cala).
2nd 35 points Tina Garner (La Cala) (on handicap).
3rd 34 points Verena Haas (International).

In all there were 42 La Cala members on parade plus 20 non members. Lunch was taken in the Patio Geranios which is a very pleasant area for small groups but has the disadvantage of being a photographer’s nightmare. The thatched roofing makes everyone look like a tiger. Lunch itself was a BBQ presentation, modest but adequate, and efficiently timed so that the major proceedings could take place.

1) Erling Johnsen midst the shady ladies. 2) Richard Ledgard and Wendy Warren doing their auction bit. 3) Mike Robbins happy to be amongst the prizes. 4) Susann Hannam of Cudeca expresses thanks once again.


Normally one hesitates to mention a lady’s age but to do so as a compliment is surely acceptable? Especially as quite a few members were invited to Liisa Lindstrom 75th party on Monday June 3rd. Not too surprisingly the celebration was in a Finnish restaurant, Kukko in Fuengirola, where her close friend Seppo Jaaskelainen opened the evening with a charming speech, fifty members and guests gustily rendered “Happy Birthday, dear Liisa”, and then the delicious food commanded attention. A musician encouraged dancing, a variety of drinks encouraged conversation, all of which added up to a memorable birthday party.

It can be reasonably surmised that a few of the partygoers might not have been at their mental best when starting the Stableford on Asia next morning, the 4th. Entries ran to three A4 pages, conditions were excellent and matched by some of the scores, the leading ones being:

1st 41 Connie Maphar (cut 1.1 and now only a short distance away from a single figure handicap, which will not be unfamiliar territory. What a competitor?)
2nd 37 Dorothée Schmidt (now reduced to 17.8 but still working hard to get lower). 3rd 36 Laura Thompson.

1st 41 Peter Marler (whose score, cut, and new handicap matched those of Connie by coincidence).

2nd 38 Rob Garner (now down to 4.9)

3rd 37 Campbell McGarvie. Shyly and modestly accepting centre stage.

Next up on the competition scene was an AM/AM on Europa, Saturday 8th when, amongst the 43 players, Johan and Ria van Wershoven could be found. Former very active members, now living a good life in Portugal, they were in the midst of their five night annual visit, meeting up with old neighbours and friends, and reminding themselves how steep La Cala is in parts. They now play at Villamoura, which is flat, so is walkable, which they do, three times a week usually. Ria, who has a seemingly limitless energy store, scored 82 gross and was soon beaming into the post play camera, as she has done countless times before! Johan, with whom it was my pleasure to share a buggy, was once an 09:30 weekly buddy, so it was interesting to note that his game had not changed a great deal. Into which you can read what you will.

The top three teams eventually were:

1st 96 l/r David Wilson, Wendy Hinds, James Reid, Geoff Thompson
2nd 95 l/r Derek Steele, Liesbeth Guise, Mike Fisher, Laura Thompson (3 only).
3rd 92 l/r Monique Peters, Ria van Wershoven (guest), Simon Rivers (guest).


As those who might have struggled through to the end of May issue will be pleased to confirm – it was a long one! For two key reasons. First of all there were events galore. Much about which to scribble. Secondly our new Adobe.Spark template dictates the use of space, and is generous. Thus you get larger pictures, which is nice, text areas which are ample within their margin constraints, all adding up to more pages than José used to cram into his software system for us.

Frequency of the newsletter has long been a discussion point. As editor/scribbler my own controlled desire has been for at least two a month. Now that Management are no longer involved in the marriage of text and illustrations (thanks to Adobe.Spark and Dorothée Schmidt), it has been agreed by both parties that twice monthly could be the way to go. The reason we have elected to report on the first half of June is mainly because we wanted to cover Cudeca Cup day thoroughly and not leave it until early July when it will have become a distant event in memory. Plus the fact that Dorothée is taking a week off soon, to go home and celebrate her mother’s birthday.


“Our day at La Siesta was a very pleasant one. A few greens bumpy from hollow tinning but otherwise the course was very good.The hospitality was particularly good with good food and fun with our opposition, even though they did not understand my soft Scottish accent. To cap it off we won 2/1 so a good day all round.”

Our thanks to Captain-for-the-day George Kirk, who also provided the photograph, our lads being in white.


Having been beaten in the away game our selected representatives for the home Inter Club match versus Santa María may not have expected a resounding 6-0 victory. But so it was to be, and more. Captain Dean Moore was summoned to the rostrom, figuratively speaking, and presented with a plaque commemorating the achievement. He appears somewhat puzzled in the photo and still claims to be unclear as to what it was all about. Attempts to gather more information have thus far led only to A>B>C “passing the buck”.

Thanks to historian Judi Lentelink it is now possible to remind everyone of this award's importance.

“This has not graced our shelves since 2015 (we won it 3 years in a row up to then). However SM then won it 3 years in a row up to this year. It now sits in splendour in a central location in the Podio cupboard (for those who wish to view it!?). Long may it remain there. CONGRATULATIONS to the team who brought it back home! So with luck we could keep it another 2years?? For history’s sake: this trophy has been played for every year since 2003. To date: Santa María 9 - La Cala 8. Pretty even really. Well done to Dean’s team.”



Despite gusty conditions at times there were some very good scores in Tuesday’s Stableford, 11th. None more so than that of Captain Dean Moore whose subsequent cut by 2.6 to 10.3 was all the fault of the 44 points he amassed. These are largely favourable conditions in terms of hard, dry fairways and flattering lengths, but scores in the forties are still praiseworthy. Philip Shute trailed in six shots back and is now off 10.1, whilst Geoff Thompson, our genial Secretary, is always to be found lurking close, this time with 37 and a slight drop to 15.9

L/r: Philip Shute and Geoff Thompson

It was a day for those in authority to show their leadership qualities. Vice Captain Loraine Murphy will have been delighted with her 39 points and 1.3 cut which earned her Best Lady status. She has been close recently and a wee bit frustrated. Sylvia McGarvie’s name hasn’t been up there of late but 35 saw her to second place, followed by Isabella Rippinger’s 33.

L/r: Sylvia McGarvie, Loraine Murphy and Isabella Rippinger


There was an air of virginity about this Bramble, played on America, Saturday 15th. Not everyone responded 100% but a large majority of participants were dressed all in white, as requested by Captain Monica Peters on the Start Sheet. There was also a hint of RollUp in the rules so very useful to find myself in David Wilson’s team. He was more than happy to accept the captaincy, allow me to drive our buggy, keep the scores, give advice to his team which also embraced Dorothée Schmidt and Sylvia McGarvie, and generally lead by example. Somehow he managed to restrain from verbal comment yet somehow made his disapproval clear when shots went other than in the required direction. In slightly windy conditions we had an enjoyable time together, even if our score was made to appear trivial when Monique announced the day’s winners later. Who were:

1st. 154 points l/r Seppo Jaaskelainen, Pat Reid, Libby Robinson, Mike Fisher.
2nd. 145 points l/r Erling Johnsen, Jill Davies, Vivienne Youngs, Alan Jewett.
3rd. 144 points l/r Vic Hilliard, Marie Wilson, Loraine Murphy, Maarten Smits.


Following Saturday's Pre-Summer Festival, and prize giving, there was a first ever event. Bianca Schreiber is a professional dancer, German, who, together with her partner, won three world championships in the late 80's. When the planned evening dance party had to be cancelled, Monique came up with this idea as a 30 minute alternative. Clearly there are no aspiring Anton du Beke's amongst our male members. One did make half an effort, and wiggled about a bit, but hid behind a pillar when Dorothée's camera swung into action! Three in all were seen at times but it was the ladies who showed most enthusiasm for the day's rumba lesson, as our photograph reveals. Further classes are scheduled starting at 17:30 on Wednesdays in the clubhouse (downstairs). Nice try though, Monique. Something different for a change.


Rosa Hatz was taken into local intensive care a week ago, then transported home by air ambulance and into intensive care in Switzerland. Test results are awaited to determine whether a brain operation is needed. No further details are available. We can but pray for a complete recovery.

ED. Things are looking a little brighter according to husband Claus. Rosa is out of hospital and will have another scan in 3 weeks time. The hope is that the result will be good enough to make surgery un-necessary. We wish you well, Rosa.


The second of these teach- ins was held in the hotel on Thursday, 15th but due to a 5+ hours round on Asia our ladies missed the start. However, bearing in mind none attended the first one, it was good to see many male members on parade. The only photo taken is shown but who is doing what to whom is less than clear. The procedure is known as the Heimlich Manoeuvre. Loraine, who normally has her camera ever at the ready, was being used as a dummy much of the time, so is to be excused.

The feedback from attendees is positive in that most felt more confident if faced with a medical emergency. First and foremost do no harm. Telephone for help. Check breathing, Place in recovery position or start CPR. Have a good idea of how to use a defibrillation machine, of which there are now numerous around the resort. Our thanks to Helicopteros Sanitarios and Govind Naidu for their contribution.


Golf and scribbling do not occupy all of one's time. Gardening plays a part, albeit on a limited scale, and brings its rewards. An experimental planting of a quarter of an ancient, already sprouting potato, has eventually born fruit, so to speak, after lots of TLC and frequent watering. This harvest, which saw the light of day just this very morning, will be part of our dinner this evening.

In a planter thick with rosemary and lavender has arrived a gladioli, tall, regal and red, although the photo doesn't do justice to the bright hue, contrasting greatly with the rather dull surroundings. Whence it came is a mystery, or perhaps just a memory loss but, wherever, welcome to our humble home.


Mastermind of our Mixed Inter Club team has been James Reid, for a long time, and he has been a great enthusiast from the outset. Now he has decided enough is enough and plans to hand over the reins to Monique Peters. First though comes his report on the June 14th gathering here at La Cala Resort.

“The Costa del Sol changed into the Costa del Viento and a gale blew all day but the same for everyone. The course was Campo America which was presented in very good condition. There were the usual six mixed pairs per club so 72 players in total with a shotgun start at 10am.

Despite the conditions there were some very good scores in but unfortunately mostly from El Chaparral. You will see from the results that local knowledge counted for nothing!

The two best pairs, each with 37 points, were Dean Moore and Sonya Foster and Kate and Peter Bradley.

L/r: Peter Bradley, Kate Bradley, Sonya Foster, Dean Moore

An excellent lunch was served under the Carpa, where the home team drowned their sorrows, followed by prize giving. The next match is at Santa Maria on Friday June 28th.”

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