RiderByMySide Back Porch Americana Soul

RiderByMySide is a Bend-based acoustic band performing Roots music ranging from traditional folk and bluegrass to country soul. They blend 3-part harmonies with guitar and fiddle into both hand-crafted originals and timeless covers. Main songwriting duties are split between Gregg Morris and Ella Rider, providing for a diverse sound. A RiderByMySide set highlights their influences and illustrates their intent on keeping quality music alive.

Gregg Morris

RiderByMySide’s back porch Americana style highlights good music born in the last century. Centered around singer/songwriter/guitarist Gregg Morris, vocalist Kristin Morris, and Ella Rider on fiddle and vocals, RiderByMySide plays only quality hand-crafted originals and timeless covers. Kristin’s vocals have the ability to relax the soul or incite a crowd, depending on the moment. RiderByMySide’s harmony sound shows their affinity for classic duos like Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris, the Everly Brothers, and George Jones & Tammy Wynette. Gregg’s songwriting style walks the path paved by Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan and Richard Thompson. While Ella Rider's songwriting shows her wide range of influences, from old time classics to today's pop stars. Covers are chosen carefully from their vast vinyl collection.

Ella Rider

RiderByMySide shines as a duo or trio in smaller venues, such as house concerts and songwriter showcases. Plus, they have the ability to bring together musically-talented friends to perform as a larger band for festival stages and larger venues. Each performance conjures up images of classic musical combos playing for groups of friends in a barn or packed festival crowds. Whether rolling through a Delanie & Bonnie tune or crooning a bluegrass waltz, RiderByMySide leaves listeners with a warm smile on their face.

RiderByMySide @ Bend Roots Revival
McMenamins Old Saint Francis
McMenamins Old Saint Francis
McMenamins Old Saint Francis
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