Heroin Heroin is a drug that comes from morphine. Heroin is a pain relieve drug.

Slang Terms- Some of the slang terms for heroin are: DRAGON, DOPE, HERON, HERONE, HERO

What type of drug is it?- Heroins are Opiates and Opioids.

What does it look like?- Heroins look like a white powder, but usually it is rose gray, brown or black in colors.

Heroin Colors

How is it used?- Heroin can be injected, snorted, sniffed and smoked.

How long has it been around? Where does it come from?- Heroin has been around for a long time since mid 1800s, it became more famous around 1898. Heroin come from Germany.

Is it addictive?- Heroin is very addictive drug. Even in one pill you can get addict to it.

What are the effects on the body?- Heroin is most likely to effect brain, cases brain damge, when the heroin enters in brain it's going to convert to morphine and you will feel pleasurable sensation " rush".

What are the short-term effects?- The short term effects are: Rush, Slowed breathing, nausea or vomiting and clouded mental functioning.

What are the long-term effects?- The long term effects are: Collapsed veins, infection of blood vessels, heart leaves and Tuberculosis.

What part of brain does it damage?- Once heroin gets in your brain it controls your blood pressure, arousal and breathing.

Find any other important information on the drug.- Heroin have a chemical name called diacetylmorphine. Heroin is also known in southeast and southwest Asia, and Mexico.

Find a story about someone who was on the drug, and what happened to them.- Russel brand is one of the celebrities that was on heroin. Robert Downey JR is an actor that used heroin in 2010.

Demonstrate the negative viewpoint of drugs.- Drugs are very addictive so once you take them you will be addict to it. Heroin and other kind of drugs can even kill you or cause you a brain damage, cancer and it can kill you.

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