3D Sculpture My infuences

Since completing my concepts and portfolios, I did a little more research on sculptures for my 3D project.

My Concept

"A video proposal, 30-60 seconds long to be shown to the council and residents of Leeuwarden to propose a statue which recognises the cities achievement of winning the bid for the European Capital of Culture 2018. The sculpture will be modern and will use the environment around it to reflect the culture in the city. The sculpture will be created as a digital 3D object, and tracked into a video of the chosen location(s)."

Although I researched sculptures, I didn't discuss the artistic side as much.

All of the statues I visited were bronze....

Passage de la Baleine

I really like clean and simplistic design.

I would like to create something more sleek and minimalist, something different from Leeuwarden's current statues.

Created By
Brogan Lawes

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