Who am I? Ali Buchholz

Table of Contents

  1. Who was I before?
  2. CIS
  3. Career Interests
  4. Required Education
  5. Schooling Options
  6. Considerable Companies

Who was I before?

  • Strengths have always been courses involving writing and science
  • Weaknesses were always within math
  • Have always dreamed of being a pediatrician
  • My plan was to go to CWI, gain my certified nurses assistant (CNA), and to continue going to school while working as a CNA
  • Goal was to accomplish earlier than the time they expect, which is eleven years

CIS Results

  • Support and achievement topped the work importance locator
  • Highest interest profiling topic was social
  • Health Science and human resources were top for career clusters
  • Everything I had, went to health and social skills, which supported the job I've always wanted

Career Interest

  • The careers that showed up from my results included nursing, health sciences, counseling, and dentistry
  • My top choice within these was nursing, and more specifically becoming an RN

Education Required

  • Can get a diploma degree or a bachelor's
  • Diploma programs are earned through hospitals and last three years
  • Associate's degree in nursing is required
  • Within nursing, I will specialize in pediatric nursing

School Options

  • The top two schools for my degree include UCLA & ISU
  • UCLA is located in California and is the top medical school in the united states
  • ISU is located in Pocatello and is the most advanced medical school in Idaho
  • Both have perfectly qualified teachers and have a great graduation success rate

Companies I Would Work For

  • I would love to work for Saint Lukes, as it geared more for children and that is what I want to be working with

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