Grýla The child eater

Grýla is fictional troll that lives in the mountains of Iceland. The stories I was told about her tells that she had 13 children all with different jobs for the family. Grýla is able to know where the bad children are all year round but near Christmas is when she comes to take the bad kids away that didn't listen to their parents about her. One story about her talks about a young boy that made the mistaken of throwing toys at his little sister while Gluggagægir or (Window-Peeper) was watching, Gluggagægir then hurried back to his family and informed Grýla that there was a child for her to eat.

Later that night she watched him while he played in the area near his house, slowly she snuck up on him and shoved him into her sack. There he was in a dark bag with other children despretaly trying to escape with no luck.

He was then taken home and eaten by the whole troll family as a stew.

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