What does the word adversity mean to you in your own words?

The adversity means hard times or difficulties. Most people overcome a difficult situation or time that has happened in their lives. Surrounding yourself in positive people and the ones you love are very helpful.

Real Definition:

Difficulties; misfortune.

Nothing is impossible.

What was the major adversity Jeff, the main character, faces when he was younger?

When Jeffrey was 4, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. The treatment lasted at least 3 years. During the treatment, Jeffrey lost his hair, threw up often, and had bruised over his body. He has a scar on his head because the doctors had to implant a chemotherapy port.

How did he overcome this challenge? What "survivor traits" does he show as a character?

Jeffrey had to go through a lot to overcome his challenge. Jeff's challenge was LEUKEMIA which means he had to go through chemotherapy/methotrexate. Jeffrey is a brave, strong, and positive cancer survivor.

Jeffrey Quote #1:

"During my cancer treatments, he used to make me laugh when nobody else could."

In the quote above, it explains how Steven, Jeffrey's older brother, always makes him smile. Even when Jeff was in the hospital, Steven was the one to make Jeff smile. Steven was the one that always made Jeff happy and smile. Steven was one of the reasons that Jeffrey stayed positive during his treatments.


What adversity did Tad face when he was younger?

When tad was younger, he had cancer. Tad had two brain tumors and spent several years of his life in a wheelchair.

How does Tad overcome his adversities? What "survivor traits" describe him as a character?

For Tad to overcome his challenges, he had to go through chemo-brain therapy. Tad also went through radiation treatments and had a bone marrow transplant. He spent several years in a wheelchair because his legs were to weak for him to walk.

Tad Quote #1:

"Wow congratulations! What do you want, a medal?"

In the quote above, it describes Tad's sarcastic side. Even though Tad is going through a rough time in his life, he is most likely making the most of his time and being who he really is. But when Tad is sarcastic, he could be mean/rude to the people around him.

Jeffrey part 2:

What adversities does Jeff face in eighth grade?

In 8th grade, Jeffrey faces many difficulties in the eighth grade. First, he finds out that his brother his going away to Africa for one year. Jeffrey does not like idea of his brother leaving for a long time. Second, Jeff finds out that he might fail the eighth grade and stay back. He might stay back because he has to take a state wide test that sees if you are staying back or not. Third, Jeff finds out that his best friend, Tad, has cancer again. Jeffrey is worried about his best friend.

Jeff knows that Tad has to go into the hospital. When Tad goes for the bone marrow transplant, his body can either except the marrow or deny it. But Tad's body does not accept the bone marrow, because his body did not accept the marrow, Tad died. He died a few weeks before the graduation. Jeffrey walks up during graduation to receive Tad's diploma.

Jeffrey is now one of the high school boys.

What steps does the character take to overcome the adversity?

-Jeffrey emails his brother to tell what life back at home is like. He wants to keep his brother updated. But most times Jeff doesn't send the emails. he types them to let feelings out and to get things from off of his chest.

-Because Jeff has to take the statewide test, tad helps tutor Jeff in math. Jeff and tad always study sessions. during these study sessions, tad gives Jeff math problems to solve.

-When Tad was sick and had to go into the hospital for testing, Jeffrey stayed positive and strong for his friend. But when Tad passes away, Jeff would go to the cemetery and talk to Tad's headstone.

Jeffrey Quote #2:

"Nice of you to drop me a line. If you can pause for a minute in your Brazilian dance party, I'll give you the update."

In the quote above, Steven finally email Jeff back. Jeff wants to give Steven to stop what he is doing and listen/read the email from his brother.

Jeffrey Quote #3:

"And now, accepting both his own and one earned by our departed friend, Thaddeus Isben: Jeffrey Alper."

In the quote above, Jeffrey accepts Tad's and his own diplomas. Jeffrey accepted Tad's diploma because the two boys were best friends.

Tad Part 2:

What adversity(s) does Tad face in eighth grade?

Tad's 8th grade adversity(s) he faces is his cancer returns. Tad is out of school a lot and he is always tired. Tad goes into terminal care because his cancer is very serious the second time around.

How steps does the character take to overcome this challenge?

1) Tad stays with Jeffrey and Lindsey to stay positive. (Lindsey is Jeff's girlfriend)

2) Tad goes to the doctors for testing and treatments. He ends up having a bone marrow transplant. The bone marrow was from his sister, Yvonne.

3) During the state testing, Tad planned to have a big protest to be remembered goodbye.

Tad Quote #2:

"He already started high-intensity chemo with this one drug called Gleevec."

In the quote above, it describes one of the drugs that Tad is taking to help end his cancer.

Tad Quote #3:

"I wasn't going to be sneaking in a math session, because my tutor-my best friend- had relapsed. Tad has cancer again."

In the quote above, it describes how Jeff wanted to sneak in a math session, but that is when he finds out that his best friend has cancer again.


I think the theme of the book, After Ever After, is to never stop trying and to stay strong. I think this is the theme because Jeff never gave up on Tad, even through Tad's cancer journey. Tad stayed strong during his treatments. He wanted the best for Jeffrey. He wanted Jeff to pass the state-wide tests so he didn't give up on tutoring Jeff.

Theme Quote #1:

"I'm not quitting on you, I swear. It's just... I'm pretty dizzy lately. And it hurts to walk."

In the quote above, it describes how Tad does not want to give up. But because the cancer cells came back and Tad was weak and dizzy.

Theme Quote #2:

"I didn't want to tell you until after the test. You HAVE to pass."

In the quote above, it describes how Tad cared more about Jeff passing than his cancer at the time. Tad had help Jeff for a while. Tad wanted to see Jeff focus and pass.


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