Juan Self-Portrait

"A Blind Man Was Riding An Unheated Train" By Arseny Tarkovsky

The poem "A Blind Man was Riding An Un-Heated Train" spoke to me in many ways. The main way was that through the poem the theme of looking on the bright side, the was in the poem it was expressed by fate telling the Blind Man that his gift of blindness wasn't as bad as it seemed because the Germans wouldn't kill him. I find that I am able to see good in a bad situation and to be able to appreciate every second of life.

Reflection 1

"Winter stars" By Sara Teasdale

In the poem "Winter Stars" I see the reaccuring thoughts of tranquility of life. I see this a lot in this poem like in stanza 2. I am a tranquil person, I like calm and quiet things.

"Ancestry" by Seán Hewitt

I chose the poem Ancestry by Seán Hewitt because this speaks to my love of my ansestors and my love of history. This poem puts a vivid image into your head and to me when the poem states," Once We ripped the boards up" imagined a family going through their family's history. I have "Ripped the boards up" also by going deep into my family's history

Reflection 3

"Chinese Silence No.22" by Timothy Yu

I love this poem.

As I said above I love this poem so much this poem speaks out to me as a chef and a lover of food. The Central idea of this poem is saying how different countries across the world have exquisite cuisines that are primarily Un-Known to people outside of their country. (My nationalities are on the titile page) I am from mostly British and Russian descent. British cuisine is celebrated worldwide while Russian cuisine is primarily unknown. In this poem The poet talks about how the " Chinese cultivate in their own silence" as in he talks about how Chinese cuisine is almost unknown.(The Chinese buffets are fake Chinese cuisine)

"Arrival" by Heidy Steidlmayer

This is a very short poem that creates wonderful ideals in your head. This poem talks about taking the road less traveled

Exert from "The Jews We Are" by Richard Michelson

I chose the exert from the poem"the Jew we are" because this speaks to my love of my ansestors and my love of history. This poem puts a vivid image into your head of how being a Jew has changed. Even though I'm not a committed Jew I am a born Jew and I take offense by hateful comment to Jews

Exert from "Hath xxxi Days" by Benjamin Franklin

This poem speaks to me because I love to travel and meet now people. This poem says how people should just be able to have fun and being freinds

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