Rube Goldberg Challenge Are you ready to invent something amazing?

Who was Rube Goldberg???

How to make a Rube Goldberg Contraption

Gather your supplies together!!!

Grab anything you think will be useful, toys, dominoes, paper towel or toilet paper rolls, marbles, balls, string, yarn, tape, straws, really whatever you can find!

What's your plan?

Make an outline of your idea(s) and sketch them out before you start building a machine. What will the end goal be? How many steps will there be? Can you use everything you have? How much room will you need?



Try your idea(s) out, see what needs adjusting or improvement. It may take a few tries to get it working the way you'd like and you might be surprised to find out what works and what doesn't.

Have fun! Don't give up if it doesn't work at first! Just take a break, maybe grab a snack and try it again later!

Here's a few examples of some simple Rube Goldberg Machines to give you some more ideas and inspiration!

Now that you've tired making your own Rube Goldberg machine, tell us what you thought about it! What did you like about it? Was it fun? Was it challenging? Take a picture/video of your machine if you can and post it on the Alaska 4H Facebook!

Would you be interested in a 4-H Rube Goldberg Challenge this summer? You could win a great prize!

Check out Minnesota's 4H Challenge from a few years back!

AND just for fun....Check out this amazing Rube Goldberg Machine that OK Go and friends made for one of their music videos!


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