Mary's Moonlit Blog

Life Lessons

Don't run away from your problems. "Oh, well. I have a lot of free time, so I have started to write my life story. Really! Isn't that crazy? I think I'm going to call it HOWTO RUN AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE AND FIND YOUR HOME."

Don't abuse a substance. "They had a big party," my father said. "And your sister and her husband passed out in the back bedroom. And somebody tried to cook some soup on a hot plate. And they forgot about it and left.And a curtain drifted in on the wind and caught the hot plate, and the trailer burned down quick."

Think things through. "Mary ran away and married a flathead Indian and never said goodbye."

Don't give up on your dreams. "For writing books? People would have thought she was a hero around here. Maybe she could have made movies or something, too. That would have been cool."

Be happy with what you do. "After high school, my sister just froze. Didn't go to college, didn't get a job. Didn't do anything. Kind of sad, I guess".

Don't take things for granted. Mary took her home for granted and ran away to live in a trailer.

Family is important. Mary took her family for granted and ran away from home to be stuck in a trailer in Montana.

If you are good at something do it. Mary was good at writing books but didn't follow her dreams.

Be careful who you marry. Mary married a Indian from another tribe and was promised a better life but instead had to live in a trailer.

Books are a good escape. Mary wrote books to escape from her current life and go into a different world.

Dear Mary, My child is a good singer and loves to sing but is too afraid to sing in front of people because she is afraid that her classmates will make fun of her. My question is how can I help her get over her fears.

Dear Anonymous, Just explain to your daughter that she needs to be confident in herself and her abilities as a singer and not to give up on her dreams. I wanted to be a book writer but gave up on that dream for the same reason and regretted it everyday of my life.

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