What is N.A.S.A mission? BY Kai Tscahng

Imagine what the world would be like without the being able to know the fact that Mars has water. Where will we go when the earth becomes unlivable. When are we going to be able to go to the moon? Without The National Aeronautics and Space Administration we wouldn’t know the answer to any of those questions. Without N.A.S.A there would have been no international space station. That’s right N.A.S.A is the one who found the signs of water on Mars! That’s right N.A.S.A was the one who made the international space station!

International space station

For example why was N.A.S.A created? N.A.S.A was created to be in charge of america’s activities in space. N.A.S.A was also created for another reason. The reason might not sound that important but it actually is one of the reasons why N.A.S.A became so famous. It was created to race the Soviet. Many people don’t realise that because 2 countries that both wanted to be superior were racing it forced both of them to think extra creatively and smartly. “We need to look at N.A.S.A not as a handout, but as an investment. Because, as goes the health of spacefaring ambitions… so goes the future of America.” says Neil deGrasse Tyson, American expert astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator.

The Soviet Union

Second of all, what do people do at N.A.S.A? People at N.A.S.A and its people research the unknown and teach us about what we never knew or want to know. In 1960 or so President John F. Kennedy focused N.A.S.A on sending astronauts to the moon.

Lastly, who is in charge of N.A.S.A and what major events did N.A.S.A experience. N.A.S.A is not exactly controlled by 1 person. It’s a organization that is only still active because of all the people cooperating. One of them is president John F Kennedy. On May 25 1961, he announced that America should overtake the Soviet Union in the “Space Race”. So that was one of the reasons why the idea of making the organization N.A.S.A came about. One of the major events that N.A.S.A experienced was building the international space station. Even though it wasn’t the very first it was the biggest and most fancy segway to the universe. Another event was the launch of the Apollo 11. Even though this wasn’t exactly the happiest event due to 3 astronauts dying during the first launch because of a engine crash. It was still one of the biggest events that the world has experienced.


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