Nolan's Art Portfolio

As an artist I would say that my strengths are good smooth shading and blending of color. My weaknesses as an artist are hurrying on certain spots and making shapes look wrong and working too hard to be perfect. If I could give myself any advice as an artist I would say to do work that I want to work on and have fun doing. In my opinion all of my work is up to par and sometimes goes a little past what I expect myself to do.

The piece above is a sculpture of a duck wearing a top hat made out of clay. I like that this piece is kind of quirky and reminds me of myself. If i could change anything on this piece i would make the neck of the duck green.

this picture is a print that I made of my dog. I like how the print actually looks like my dog because it reminds me of home. If i could fix one thing on this print i would try to make it cleaner and more rich in color where it needs to be.
This image is a self portrait. My favorite thing about this image is that it actually looks like me. If I were to change anything about this image I would add more lights to the face.
this image is a clay pot sculpted to look like a dog. I like this piece because it reminds me of my own dog. If i
This piece is a colored landscape. My favorite thing about this piece is the orange tree on the right. I like the way the colors blend together and look smooth; however, this is my least favorite piece that I have done because of the intense amount of green in the landscape.
This is a monochromatic still life. This piece is my favorite piece because I like the shading on the bottles and how well the art reads. If I could change one thing i would shape the bottles better and more realistic.
This piece is a slice and dice of the 5 basic forms. I like the way you can tell all the shapes apart and how the cuts look. If I could change one thing I would add more varying in shading to make it look better.
This picture is a pencil shaded still life. I like how well shaded the pots are and how you can tell whats what. I dislike the blue lines around the pot and would get rid of them if I could.

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