An ELP Proposal Diane H. Zack

Artifact 1 - Literature Review on Professional Learning Communities

  • Personal Growth as a Learner and Researcher
  • Problem Statement - Collaborative Nature of PLC
  • Improvement Goal - Supports District PD and Technology Initiatives
Garnet Valley High School

Artifact 4 - Proposal for an Empirical Analysis on Implementing Algebra PLCs at GVHS

  • Problem Statement - collaborative in nature, structural components of PLC
  • Research Potential - opportunity to grow as a researcher, planning, collecting, analyzing quantitative data aligned with a problem statement
  • Personal Growth - almost a total failure as a personal initiative. Greatest Learning opportunity

Artifact 2 - Educational Leader Interview with Pat Dunn

  • Personal Growth - Connected Research to Practice
  • Problem Statement - historical perspective, shaped the problem statement

Artifact 3 - Presentations about Professional Development to LEAP Committee

Artifact 5 LEAP Committee Program Evaluation

  • Growth - Research design, methodology, data analysis
  • Problem Statement - data revealed
  • Improvement Goal - increase effectiveness of Garnet Valley School District's Professional Learning Program
Burger algebra 2 Book

Artifact 6- A Study of Curriculum and the Integration of Technology

  • Growth as a Researcher
  • Professional Growth
  • Problem Statement - Include technology to create engaging lessons and assessments

Artifact 7 - Updated Curricular Unit Using Taylor and Maclaurin Polynomials

21st Century Learning

Understanding by Design

Universal Design for Learning

Updating Curriculum

Use creativity and innovation for assessment

Problem Based Learning

Students as Researchers

Sample lesson to share with colleagues

Artifact 8 - website to Share Curricular Unit on Using Taylor and Maclaurin Polynomials

Artifact 9 - Literature Review on Digital Learning and Assessment

  • Growth as a Researcher
  • Improvement Goal
  • Problem Statement
Incorporating Digital Learning and Assessments into the Classroom

Artifact 10 - Professional Learning Series on Updating the Curriculum

Artifact 11 - Case Study on the Professional Learning Series

  • Determine if PLS was effective Professional Development
  • Determine the extent to which teachers made incremental changes to their lessons
  • Determine whether the learning needs of teachers were better met

Artifact 12 - Professional Learning Series Program Evaluation

Time to discuss which Artifacts should be included with the ELP

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