Steam Engine By hayden haws

Here are some of the changes that the steam engine made. Economically steam engines made it easier to transport items and supplies. Culturally steam engines made it so people could be transported quicker. It also increased factory production.

The steam engine was one of the most significant changes in the 19th century because it made it easier and quicker to do many things.

The steam boat made it a easier and safer way to transport on water.

This change happen during the 19th century. The reason this happen was because more and more people were heading west because of the land that Polk took. Also more factories were being built so they needed a quicker way to make products. This is around the time that people believed manifest destiny

This changed how people worked and traveled. If you were traveling somewhere it would be a one way trip most of the time, but with the invention of the steam engine it made it easier to come and go. Work wise it made it so people were being paid by the hours instead by day and night.

This affected the country by making more and more people move to the west. Also it made it so more people had jobs. This affected the north and the south equally. both wanted to head west to expand.

Because of the steam engine more and more people were able to move out west, which was full filling Manifest Destiny. People could now travel by train and by steam boat.



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