LGA NEWS EDITION 08, DATE: 15 January 2021


What a start to the new year! It was not quite what we were expecting, but we will be able to work together to make the best of this situation.

We can see students working well using the Lord Grey Virtual School. There were some teething problems at the beginning but now students are regularly submitting work of superb quality. If there are still issues, then please email your child's form tutor. Not all staff are working on site, so email is the best way to contact them rather than calling and leaving a message on our answer machines.

Over the coming weeks we shall be sharing stories from Lockdown 3.0 and examples of work that students have completed. We will do this through our social media and links to these accounts are at the end of this Newsletter. We hope that you will follow these.

Jim Parker, Principal.

News from Colossus House

Hello Colossus Students and families!

We were so excited about seeing you all after the Winter Break and here we are again in lockdown. It wasn't the start to the year that we were expecting or wanting, but we know that Colossus Students will make the most of this time of Virtual Learning.

Please keep up with your Virtual Learning, if you have a problem then email your teacher or Ms Whalley or I and we will try to help to resolve the issue. We aren't always working from the Hub, so an email is the best way to reach us all.

We have had several emails from students in Colossus House to let us know what they are up to. Some of our students have been coding, some have been baking and some have even been trying to make their way through the books they got at Christmas.

We've already been told about some students who are engaging really well with their English virtual learning. This is a special shout out to them for being so awesome!

  • Ashley
  • Sienna
  • Bodhi
  • Shamil
  • Alfie

Please do keep in touch with us and let us know what you are up to, we miss you!

See you Soon Mighty Colossus

Miss Hussey and Ms Whalley, Colossus House

news from enigma house

Hello Heroes!

Mrs Kirby and I have been loving the messages you have been sending us and all the great news we are getting from teachers and parents about you.

We have to give a shout out to several students this week who we have heard about showing the true Enigma spirit ane being absolute heroes!

Firstly to Owen who has been baking up a storm, we're just sad that we haven't been able to eat any of these amazing looking banana and chocolate muffins!

Secondly to Ashton who has been working really hard and submitting quality work in his lessons. Well done buddy!

And to Lily for the work in her Health and Social Care lessons, being the first to complete all tasks each week and with high quality work. What a Star!

Keep safe Enigma buddies and if you need your tutors, Miss Kirby or me then send us an email.

Not all heroes wear capes, they wear blue ties

Mrs Dunn and Mrs Kirby, Enigma House

News from Lorenz house

Hello Lorenz House

We hope that you had a lovely break and are very pleased to see so many of you settling into virtual learning so quickly.

Should you need to contact myself or Mr Crook please email us, rather than leaving messages on our phones, as we are not picking up our phone messages as quickly as normal, as we are sometimes working from home.

Be awesome and Stay Positive.

Mrs Bowen and Mr Crook, Lorenz House

News from turing house

What a start to the New Year, another lock down and the re-start of the virtual learning/messages from school via the email and 'no caller id' calls... Goodness. Well, it isn't all bad. New skills are being acquired by everyone.

One of the Turing Year 11 students has decided that on top of supporting Grandparents, karate and school work, she will create a puzzle version of the Titanic and teach herself to play the Ukelele... watch this space for evidence.

Another student, in year 8, received an electric scooter from the Big Man in red on December 25th. Well we needed proof, so properly socially distanced , she brought it in to show Mrs Wasway in the staff car park and, yup, you guessed it, she had a go! They are sooooo whizzy and fun she has now started researching how she can add one to her list of wheeled devices (some staff suggested a wheeled zimmer frame might be more appropriate!) but she isn't having any of it.

We know you have all been greeted with emails, learning platforms and work, but here's a challenge... Can you create a character/work buddy from things found around the house or whilst out on your daily walks? Mrs Wasway and Miss Brown are both going to attempt to create a Pine Cone Elf each, which they will donate to a local woodland for the children to discover. What can you do? We'll leave that challenge with you!

So #TeamTuring, embrace this opportunity to show your resilience and try to discover new talents. Could you learn to cook the perfect pancake in preparation for Pancake Day on Tuesday 16th February 2021? Create a woodland elf? Knit (a favourite hobby of many)? Sew?

Missing you all and keep in touch, we love hearing from you all!

Mrs Wasway and Miss Brown

You are all Golden!

Mrs Wasway and Miss Brown, Turing House


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