Town of Little Suamico Sobieski, Wisconsin

Water runoff at School Housd Rd.

The local government has been talking about reducing the driving speed, in order to make School House Rd. a safer environment for locals. This water runoff is very concerning and could cause accidents if we aren't careful. I think they are are handling this situation well, they came up with a very logical plan which will reduce chances of accidents occurring in our local area. My solution to this problem would be to embed a draining system. It would be expensive, but it would take care of the problem. This way you could both get rid of the issue, and keep locals happy because they won't need to drive at a slower speed.

Town Hall - 5969 County Road, Sobieski WI 54171

My other issues:

-Dog licensing regulations

-Spring thaw requirements

-Spring election technology test

-Road issues

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