Jason Bourne: Supremacy Ryan McGarr

Author: Robert Ludlum

Date: February 1986

Robert Ludlum was an American author of 27 thriller novels, but before he was an author he was in the united states marines he was born may 27 1927 and he and and died 2001 in Naples Florida.

A summery of the book is that, Jason is in a foreign country hiding from the CIA then they finally find him, and he is getting away then they kill his girlfriend trying to kill Bourne, then through out the book Bourne is chasing the people that killed her

One thing I liked about the authors writing is that he was very detailed

There wasn't anything that i can think of the i disliked about how the authors writing

the theme of this book was was be persistent and to never give up no matter what happens and no matter how many things you need to over come.

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