The Turkish Culture By: Cristian Yanez Global Business Pd. 7

Country Profile-1

  • Capital: Ankara
  • Population: 82,523,056
  • Ethinic Makeup: Turkish and Kurdish
  • Language: Turkish Mostly

Country Profile-2

  • Type of government: Parliamentary republic
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Major Religions: Muslim
  • Climate: Hot dry summers with mild, wet winters

Traditional Foods

  • Menemen
  • Köfte
  • Lahmacun

Appointment Alert

  • 1. Arrange appointments in advance
  • Times to avoid: Main summer months
  • eating/drinking publicly inappropriate for foreigners

Business Dress

  • Suit and tie
  • In the summer, acceptable to wear a shirt with trousers
  • Must wear a shirt or t-shirt when visiting a mosque

Conversation Etiquette

  • Notify who will be coming to the meeting
  • Foreign visitors to be on time
  • Organize your appointments around each daily prayer times

Gift Giving Etiquette

  • If you are invited to a home, a gift for the host will be expected
  • Gifts should be presented to the recipient when you arrive
  • If you will be staying in a home, it is advised to give additional gifts

Let's Make a Deal

  • Turks will want to do business with those they like, trust, feel comfortable with and with those that can provide a long term relationship
  • Ensure your proposal clearly demonstrates the mutual benefit and profitability of any agreement or partnership
  • Do not use deadlines or pressure tactics as the Turks will use this to their advantage and reverse the tactic by threatening to cancel agreements or end negotiations

Entertaining Etiquette

  • Tea is usually served in little curved glasses that you hold not by the stem, but by the lip
  • If you are the honored guest, you will be expected to make a toast, usually soon after the host does or at the end of the meal, just before everyone departs
  • The honored guest is served first, then the oldest man, then the rest of the men, then children, and finally women

Public Behavior

  • When meeting, shake hands firmly. When departing, it is not always customary to shake hands–although it is practiced occasionally
  • Always respect elders by kissing their right hand then placing the forehead onto the hand
  • When entering a room, if you are not automatically met by someone, greet the most elderly or most senior first

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