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Wat Lao Siribuddhavas

Coming to this place for the first time was an experience. I was little and had only spoke English while everyone else in the temple spoke Lao or Thai. The inside of the Temple was really pretty though, and there's a Buddha statue in the back. It's really big and reaches the ceiling. There's are also really pretty chandeliers on the ceiling, and paintings on the walls. The floor is covered in carpets too, and we all take off our shoes to go inside, that's probably the same for every other temple though. We all pray on the ground, with our hands together. After the praying, some water get's splashed on us by the monks and such. There was also this one time where rice was thrown at us and I still found rice in my bag a few months later. This is probably to purify us and rid us of our demons.

Now see, I don't come here on a daily basis, probably since this temple is in Royse City, but the times I do come here are times like when the Temple is having a festival or when it's Lao New Year. It's really a fun time. Everyone shows off how proud they are to be Laotian.


Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

Whew, this was an adventure to visit. Everything was written in Ukrainian, and even though I can read the Russian Acrylic, I can't really understand it aha. Plus Russian and Ukrainian are two different, yet similar languages. It's a really beautiful place, and the architecture is very nature friendly. It reflects Ukraine. There's also a blue cross on the site most likely for praying as well, and people gathered in the back to pray with each other. In my days of coming here, I can't say they were the best days of my life, but they were an experience. Seems like I need to polish up my Russian before coming to a place like Ukraine again.

This Church is found in Kryvorivnia, Ukraine. It seems like a very peaceful place.


Srirangam Gopuram

Okay. So. This place is huge! And even though I've been to Bangladesh, India is the real deal. It's a lot bigger and a lot more crowded. This design reflects that. I've learned many things coming here. One week wasn't enough! Well the living conditions are a things I'm still not used to, but that's not the point. Going inside, I find that there's a hall of 1000 pillars with riding horses. It was amazing! I've never seen anything like it. The Gopuram is also not just one Temple; it has many towers around it. There are statues of the deities inside the temple that everyone prays too. Watching these many people pray was something I never thought I would have seen in my life. India is a really big place after all.

This temple is located in Tamil Nadu, India


Zahir Mosque

It is quite clear that this place was one of the most exotic places I have visited so far. Or in my opinion at least aha. My first few times here were nice, watching everyone pray to Muhammad was interesting. It'd a little like Buddhism, but a little not. The interieor design was so beautiful, not like anything you'd see in our America. However, one of the Islamic priests had past away and I witnessed my first religious burial. I wasn't sure what I had expected to happened, but I witnessed these people send off their priest. He was apparently cremated, something that had to do with purification I suppose. This visit was cut short, but it was interesting. Onto the next one!

This mosque is located in Kedah Malaysia


Great Synagogue of Rome

Whew! Half way through the trip. Man time flies. This place was yet again really beautiful. Man I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record. Everything is beautiful, architecture is another form of art after all. This place is very classy looking both inside and outside. It looks much like I'd imagine our American Churches would look, though I've never been to one so I wouldn't know. The priest stood at the front as they said their prayers to their one and only god. My time here was well spend, but now it's time to go back down the train. Though, I will be visiting another Jewish Temple after this aha.

This Synagogue is found in Rome, Italy


Portuguese Synagogue

This Synagogue is more modern that the last one I visited. While the other one was more of a church feel, this one had a court feel. I'm not sure if that's good of bad, but hey this place is pretty cool! Didn't say beautiful this time. You can really feel the Germanic feel from this place. Well, it's more Netherlands, but they're right next to each other, so there are similarities. Much like the last place, the priest stood in the front with their book. All of the chairs were facing the center of the room instead of facing straight. It was here I learned that there were two or three original Temples, not Synagogues, but Temples. I wish I could have seen them, but they were destroyed many, many years ago.

This synagogue is found in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Badshahi Mosque

Man I can never get enough of this architecture. It just gives me Disney Princess Jasmine feels. The inside even gives that feel, though it's not like they pray inside anyway. Even though they could be praying inside, staring at the beautiful patterns on the walls, thousands of people are crammed into a tights space on the outside, in hot weather, in warm clothes. I never understood that. Going to Bangladesh, I remember seeing people in long sleeves when it was like 80 degrees outside. It gets really hot. I suppose they like praying to a Mosque instead of a priest for this one.

This Mosque is located in Punjab, Pakistan


BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple

Man! This place looks like a white castle, or even our very own white house. Maybe that's because of it's location. This Mandir Temple is in our very own United States of America. Though it may look giant, the prayer place isn't all that big. We all crammed inside that small space. It's was like we were breathing on each other. Ah but that's enough of those types of details. It's said that these people gather weekly and sing hymns. It's quite interesting, hearing songs of different languages. Or, that may just be me since I think languages are cool, heh.

This Temple is located in Houston, Texas

St. Ignatius Cathedral of Shanghai

This place caught my eye because it was red aha. It's similar to an old church in Dallas, that I'm not even sure is still there. It's also interesting though, because even though the Chinese area is mostly Buddhist, there's still some signs of Christianity here. The inside is very tall with stained glass windows at the end of the long hallway. Everyone prays in the chairs that actually face the front. Just like our churches. I would assume that most churches are similar.

This Church is located in Shanghai, China


Sirindhorn Wararam Phu Prao Temple

It's really interesting seeing someplace else that has something you believe in. Though this journey was long and straining, I'm glad I ended it on this note. Though we weren't sprayed with water this time, the hanging out with other people and eating together was fun. We also did our donations to the temple as well. The temple itself is also something very unique. The swirls on the grown and the lit tree on the building is something I've never seen, which is something I've said quite a lot, but this is different... you see I... I have quite the obsession with trees. Hah, and you thought I was going to say something deep. Nope. I'm glad I get to go home after this though, man I'm ready to sleep.

This Temple is found in Thailand


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