2020 Funding Selections & Advancements Going Big So More Minnesotans Can Go Home!

Welcome to Minnesota Housing's 2020 Selections & Advancements!

Minnesota Housing is pleased to announce its 2020 funding selections and project advancements of 73 housing developments that will create and preserve 2,387 affordable homes and apartments. The multifamily and single-family projects described below were reviewed through a single common application process with Minnesota Housing's partner funders, the Metropolitan Council, Ramsey County and Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and announced on December 17, 2020.

These funding selections and project advancements contribute to a total of $195 million. These developments will support more than 5,300 annual jobs and will leverage additional private and local resources resulting in more than $529 million in total development costs.

Hear the Full Announcement from Commissioner Jennifer Ho

Home has never meant more, says Governor Walz

"I'm excited to join Minnesota Housing in announcing this year's funding selections and project advancements," says Governor Tim Walz. "2020 has been a very trying year for all of us. Home has never meant more as we seek stable places to live, raise families and shelter from the virus. This year, Minnesota Housing is selecting and advancing dozens of proposed developments that will create and preserve thousands of affordable homes and apartments for individuals, families and seniors, including rental and homeownership opportunities. These homes will be in every corner of the state, from Red Lake Nation to St. Cloud, Duluth to the Twin Cities and to Litchfield. Thank you to all of the partners who make these investments possible."

2020 Funding Selections & Advancements At A Glance

  • $195 million in 2020 Selections/Advancements
  • $529 million in Total Development Costs
  • 2,387 Total units created or preserved
  • 2,004 Multifamily apartments/townhomes
  • 383 Single-family homes
  • 5,300 Annual jobs supported
  • 62 Applications selected
  • 11 Advancing HIB projects

Additional Housing Selections Made in 2020

When Minnesota Housing's other selections are included, the agency's selections total $211 million for a total of 3,521 units created or preserved. The additional selections include Manufactured Housing Grants, Multifamily Workforce Development Loans and Rental Rehabilitation Development Loans (RRDL).

  • $16 million in additional selections made by Minnesota Housing
  • 1,000 single and multifamily homes created or rehabbed:
  • 327 units of Manufactured Housing for $2.6 million (selected 12/17/20)
  • 129 units of Workforce housing for $3.5 million
  • 544 units of rental rehabilitation for $9.6 million

Equity and Impact Features of the Selections and Advancements

Deeply Affordable New Multifamily Units (affordable to a household at 30% of area median income):

  • 31% of Selected New Multifamily units are deeply affordable
  • 63% of Advancing New Multifamily units are deeply affordable

Affordability of Single-Family homes Selected:

  • Over 80% of Selected Single-family projects will serve households below 80% area median income

Geographic distribution of Selections:

  • 11 Multifamily projects in the Twin Cities metro
  • 11 Multifamily projects in Greater Minnesota
  • 25 Single-family projects in Twin Cities metro
  • 15 Single-family projects in Greater Minnesota

Racially Diverse Development Teams

Projects/Development teams that include Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) Owned/Run Businesses or Women-Owned/Run Businesses:

  • 88% of Multifamily projects (21 of 24)
  • 82% of Advancing Multifamily HIB projects (9 of 11)
  • 48% of Selected Single-Family applicants
  • More than 50% of Single-Family households served are from BIPOC communities

Homes for specific populations:

  • 119 Multifamily units designated for people with disabilities (in 18 properties)
  • 32 Multifamily units Selected and 300 units Advancing for seniors
  • Eight Single-family homes with 4+ bedrooms for large families
  • 527 Multifamily units support the Walz/Flanagan Administration's commitment to preventing and ending homelessness

A Message from Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan

5 Years At A Glance

Minnesota Housing Selections, 2016 - 2020

These include the Consolidated RFP, Housing Tax Credits, Publicly Owned Housing Program (POHP), Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan program (RRDL), Workforce Housing Development Program and Manufactured Housing.

  • $794 million in Minnesota Housing Selections
  • Over $2.1 billion in Total Development Costs
  • 15,024 homes created or preserved
  • Supported an average of 4,000 jobs annually

Single-Family Selections

In 2020, 383 single-homes are included in the agency selections. The activities approved will include new construction projects (24%), including a number of affordability gap and downpayment assistance projects to help low-income households purchase new homes. Forty-five percent of the units will be preserved through acquisition, rehabilitation, resale and owner-occupied rehabilitation, and 31 percent will be for first mortgage financing and stand-alone affordability gap/downpayment assistance.

The agency approved $2 million to support tribally enrolled Indigenous households by providing financing for owner-occupied rehabilitation and first mortgage financing for the purchase of homes on the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians Reservation. Selections also include 60 new construction homes in areas with an increasing need for workforce housing, including funding for Rondo Community Land Trust that will create permanently affordable homes in Shoreview.

Single Family At A Glance

Activities include new construction; acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale; affordability gap/downpayment assistance; owner-occupied rehabilitation; and Tribal Indian Housing Program.

  • 40 Proposals Selected
  • $15.8 million in Selections
  • 383 Single-family homes selected
  • 60 New Construction homes
  • 33 Acquisition, Rehab and Resale
  • 141 Owner-Occupied Rehab
  • 149 Affordability gap/downpayment assistance
  • $35.5 million in Total Development Costs
  • 36% of Selections in Greater Minnesota
  • 64% of Selections in Twin Cities Metro

United Community Action Partnership

Perspective from a first-time homebuyer

United Community Action Partnership plans to conduct new construction and owner-occupied rehabilitation with support from Minnesota Housing. UCAP’s newly constructed homes will be located in areas of workforce growth and will create five new units in the cities of Litchfield and Eden Valley.

"Having my own place that I can say is mine is very meaningful to me," says Anne Bonnstetter, who bought a home in Marshall built by UCAP.

List of Single-Family Selections

Multifamily Selections and Project Advancements

This year Multifamily has two categories, projects that are Selected and projects that are Advancing for further consideration. The new category of Project Advancements allows for projects to proceed for further review for Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIB), which passed as part of the bonding bill five months later than usual.

Minnesota Housing has made 22 selections and is advancing 11 projects. Together, these developments will create and preserve approximately 2,000 multifamily units such as apartments and townhomes. Activities supported include building new multifamily developments, preserving existing multifamily developments through rehab, serving the needs of high priority households that have experienced homelessness, creating multifamily homes designated for people with disabilities, and creating rental homes for seniors with very low incomes.

Multifamily At A Glance

  • 22 Selected projects
  • 2 Additional projects are being considered for Partner funding only
  • 12 Multifamily Projects in Greater Minnesota
  • 12 Multifamily Projects in Twin Cities Metro
  • 1,389 Multifamily units supported in total
  • 987 New construction units
  • 402 Rehabilitated units
  • $168 million in Selections

Vision: New apartments and support for success

Vista 44 aims to bring 50 homes to Hopkins in a supportive housing development by Beacon

A champion in the creation of supportive housing in the Twin Cities metro, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative proposes to build 50 units of supportive housing in Hopkins with Housing Infrastructure Bonds. Vista 44 is one of 11 Advancing Projects in Minnesota Housing's 2020 announcement.

Jessica Lopez (left) is a current resident of Audubon Crossing, a Beacon development similar to Vista 44. Jessica has generously shared her story with audiences to help express the need for more supportive housing in Minnesota. She is featured in our video below.

"When I first moved in with my two small boys, all we had were our clothes, a few toys, lots of blankets, and a few dishes. But it was home!" says Lopez. "That night, my oldest said to me, 'I just realized, it’s 5 o’clock, and we don’t have to go anywhere!' That’s when I knew we were home."

Multifamily Selections

Every year, Minnesota Housing selects a set of multifamily housing developments for funding. As usual, Minnesota Housing has selected projects from across the state for agency investments and tax credit allocations.

2020 Multifamily Selections

These include developments selected for Low Income Housing Tax Credits as well as other Minnesota Housing investments.

2020 Multifamily Advancing Projects

Minnesota's 2020 bonding bill provided $100 million in Housing Infrastructure Bonds for use in creating and preserving some of the most deeply affordable housing in Minnesota. The bonding bill was passed in October 2020, months later than usual, leaving limited time for underwriting and staff review before the December 17, 2020 announcement. For this reason, Minnesota Housing is advancing 11 developments. These 11 developments are approved to advance to the underwriting process and consideration for Housing Infrastructure Bonds.

Thank you!

We offer a huge thank you to all of our development partners, housing allies, state legislators and amazing staff who go big on a daily basis so more Minnesotans have a safe and stable home they can afford. We couldn't do this work without you.

For complete information about all of Minnesota Housing's selections and project advancements, please visit Minnesota Housing's website or download any of the following materials.

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