Final Major Project Reflective Journal Week 3 by daniel james rousell

20-24 March

Monday 20th March

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, so yeah now I made the joke I just want to forget about it, what was I on about now? O-oh R-right!!!! I started to look into a game called Dust: An Elysian Tail which is a 2D side scroller with beautiful graphics and character design, plus I did some research on the game's combat and combo system. I even looked into the story which broke the fourth wall, and discovered other games like Skylanders and Deadpool which need to break the fourth wall because they needed to instruct you directly on the controls.

Tuesday 21st March

Comic Relief is so close which has some interesting aspects, but it's basically a charity event that happens every 2 years. It's like Children In Need but it deals with famine in Ethiopia. Comic Relief has had an impact on the way I look at things. It has done that every time I've seen it, but it might help me think of a new creative way to look at the game tilesets or environments for areas like deserts or even the salt planes.

Wednesday 22nd March

I started to look at how I'm going to begin the first level, so I thought of blacksmiths and I designed how it was going to look. I used references of Middle Ages and modern day blacksmiths, so I first looked at designing an anvil and hammer for it, then I designed the forge next to it. I also added a cooling tank to give more of a real insight into the forging.

reference and inspiration of blacksmiths

By using the reference and inspiration images to get the result that I was aiming for, I'm glad to achieve the quality of the blacksmith's sprite. However, I still need to add some final details to it and make the building itself look a bit tatty, along with testing and, if necessary, sizing it to fit the size scale of the character sprites.

Thursday 23rd March

I started to design trees for the game using Photoshop and Google Images to look for reference images. I started off with a simple oak tree. I was aiming to create my own art style but the progress was slow. I started to develop my own style of art but it got to the point where I started to look at the Sakura tree or the Cherry Blossom tree. When I was designing the Sakura tree, I was thinking how to add the effect of the Sakura leaves falling from the tree to the game.

reference and inspiration of the cherry blossom tree

Friday 24th March

I decided to revisit a project that I started to do some years ago known as the Adam Snow Chronicles, so I thought over how I could apply it to my game, via connections they share between links of myths and legends. I also considered bringing Adam's legacy into the game's plot, and even having himself appear to help the characters with two of the boss fights. He could teach them advanced techniques to their elements to give them advantage in future battles.

Concept art of the Adam Snow Chronicles

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