Joe's Art

My name is Joe Gonzales and in my portfolio I have five different art pieces that I have created. Each with a description underneath. My art shows that I am a very simple artist or digital designer. I keep my art very simple and I make sure it is really good. I feel really good when I am creating my art work. It makes me feel relaxed and calm. I try not to really stress about what I am creating or coming up with.

"The Name Gonzales" Adobe Illustrator. 2017. This is a modernized version of my family crest. That I created in my own image.
"Always Go East" Adobe Illustrator. 2017. This is an art piece that I created that means orientate. Orientate means from the east.
"Land Of Hopes And Dreams" Adobe Illustrator. 2017. This art piece represents gimcrack. Gimcrack means when something is bad on the inside but attractive on the outside. I showed that by making the United States.
"Still Alive" Adobe Illustrator. 2017. This art piece represents gaming. I decided to represent that by making a mushroom from the game Mario.
"Daily Life Of Joe" Adobe Illustrator. 2017. This art piece is a series of icons that I have done. We had to create these icons to describe our daily lives. This shows that I do digital design at some point in the day.


Created with images by Bob_piqam - "the background design desktop"

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