Online Shopping Enjoyment Emma Martin's take on Virtual Window-Shopping

The Internet has been great for many things. For me personally, being able to “window shop” from the comfort of my own home in my sweatpants is definitely up there as one of the best features it has given to (wo)man. The reason for this is that being an introverted extrovert (?) I really do want to go out (in theory) but when it comes down to it (in practice) the actual task of getting fully dressed, putting on make-up and grabbing my bag and car keys fills me with horror and dread.

So these days I seem to spend 90% of my allotted shopping time online. And it seems I’m not alone. According to a recent article in The New York Times, close to 80 percent of Americans actually shop online between one and six times each week. They spend time searching through different sites on a quest for the best deal and each week spend over half an hour online. However, 58 percent spend more time shopping in actual stores each week.

Irrespective of how many people are doing their shopping online, for me things like buying clothes – that I used to enjoy in an actual store many years ago – have become so much more pleasant online. Why is this? Well, for a start, pushy salesladies who tell me I look “stunning” in an outfit I’m fitting to size, absolutely irritate me. I don’t. The color is off. And it’s too tight on me. The more accurate adjective to use in this case would be hideous. Alternatively, when I’m looking online for clothing I have the ability to decide myself whether I will look “stunning” or “hideous” before placing the order. Some of these online clothing stores even work with sites such as Dressformer that has 3D fitting technology.

So yeah, for me, online shopping has it all. I don’t have to get dressed. I don’t have to be irritated by a saleslady. And I can see how something looks on me, all from the comfort of my own home. Now that’s what I call shopping enjoyment!

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