5 Things You Need to Clean Before Thanksgiving! Dura-shine clean

Well you're probably here for a reason....Thanksgiving is upon us and your house is still a mess! Jimmy's toys are scattered all over the floor & your husband is sitting on the recliner cheering on the seahawks.....While you're....HERE, lol! Durashine-clean is here to help guide you on how to make this Thanksgiving one for the books!

1.Wash and iron table cloths and cloth napkins

Tablecloths stored all year will smell dusty, stains you didn’t notice from last year are still there! Pretreat, soak, wash your tablecloths and napkins, and iron them right out of the dryer.

2. Wash all sheets, blankets, and mattress covers

Holiday season is the best! You get to spend time with those loved ones that you hadn't seen in months, some from near and others from far! The last thing you want to happen is to have them feel uncomfortable in your guest bedroom that hasn't been touched since you moved in! Overnight guests deserve fresh bedding, and it takes at least 3 loads of laundry to wash bedding: sheets, blankets, and mattress covers. Do it now and your linens will still be fresh for your Thanksgiving guests! Pffft! Who needs Best Western when you have a clean home!?

3. Wash all your serveware, china, silverware, and stemware

There are WORSE experiences than drinking out of a dirty wine glass.....but not many. Most holiday dishes and glasses have to be hand washed if you didn't know. Do it now, not on crazy-busy Thanksgiving morning! Save time and start by doing small groups of them, as much as we want to trust our dishwashers, stay on the safe side and hand wash them.

4. Detail the bathrooms. All of them!

Don’t assume guests will all be able to use JUST the guest bathroom! Show your guests to another bathroom if there’s a line! That being said make sure ALL bathrooms, make sure all bathrooms have are spotless!

DON'T FORGET TO HAVE EXTRA TOILET PAPER! We all know uncle bobby will be there as soon as dinner is over.

5. the Kitchen

Nobody wants to eat at a home that has a dirty kitchen! GAG LOL JK! When you host Thanksgiving, nobody worries about the dishes in the sink when you’re in the middle of preparing the Thanksgiving feast, have a helper so that dishes they don't pile up! When all the dishes are washed make sure to clean up the sink!

Clear off all counter tops and wipe down!

So let's say you can't get all of this done on your own......YOU'RE IN LUCK, WE CAN HELP! Call us today and receive 10% when you mention this blog!


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