Learning Guide 5 Christian Martin

Key Reading

In photography use can use elements in your pictures to enhance them. For instance you can use lines to create paths or shapes. You could also use color to make shapes or even use lighting to create shapes. Shapes are made through differences in space not lines. Shapes and objects are made through the differential in space and light. Using elements like these to create lines in a picture are very beneficial and important.

Original Image
Upside Down Image
Chunks of the image
Lines in the image

Moholy-Nagy emulation below


Five best images:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
This picture has good color composition, and even though the subject is of center, the picture leads you to it. The picture is not completely infects which i think gives the picture a good touch.


Created with images by skeeze - "lynx bobcat wildlife"

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