Eating Habits Molly Hayes

The topic that I decided to pursue was about eating habit. The reason I choose eating Habits because lets be honest that's all that's in middle schooler's heads. The question I that I asked was, do you have a particular eating habit? (meaning are you picky)

Red- Eat Anything , Green- kinda devours anything , Orange- kinda picky

I asked the Ten seventh graders that the group consisted of five boys and 5 girls. The five boys are Alex Pitsch, Kayden Perry, Ashton Gardner, Jace Nall, Tyson Philpot and the five girls are Sydney Snell, Maya Mccurley, Ashley Dean, Karlie Hamilton, and Kiersten Satterfield I was put into the group by Mrs. Carovillano. I only had nine people answer my survey so one person didn't answer. I avoided bias in my questions because I gave them many options on what they could choose.

blue- girls, red- boys
Blue - Seventh Graders

Before I gave the survey I was expecting that more people would just eat anything or go more toward one answer or the other but normally it was just half answered one answer and the other half answered the other answer. I also thought that the last graph that's last that everone would know someone with an eating habit.

orange- Kinda Picky, Red- eats anything, Green- Kinda devours Anything
Blue- Healthy, Red- Unhealthy

Do you know anyone who has an eating habit?

Red- No, Blue- Yes

I avoided bias in my questions because I gave them many options on what they could choose.

The finding that I got from the survey did not support the results that I thought that their would be less of the same answers and more varieties of answers

I would change the questions that I asked with better answers so that the survey was better. I would also make my questions more clear.


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