The Journey Towards Personal Legends Including The Alchemist By: Paulo Coelho

By: McKenna Grace Golliher

Thesis Statement: From movies to play's The Alchemist, wrote by Paulo Coelho, connects to many different events by non-rational factors playing an important role towards your personal legend. All journeys to your personal legend are long but in the end prosperous, and hope is what keeps people going towards their personal legend.

Detail: The book The Alchemist relates to the play Romeo and Juliet, written by Shakespeare, through non- rational factors, playing an important role towards the characters personal legends.

Commentary: In Romeo and Juliet, Act one scene five, Romeo states "...... O, then,dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair." Then Juliet says, "Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake." Lastly, Romeo says, "Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take" then he kisses her. Little do they know that non- rational factor of their first kiss will lead them to their deaths, but allowed them to stop a family feud that had caused much hurt to a lot of people.

Detail: Just as in Romeo and Juliet, The Alchemist also has a non- rational factor. However, instead of a kiss, it was the non-rational factor of not understanding the language of Arabic. Because Santiago did not understand Arabic, he did not realize that the owner of the bar was trying to tell him not to trust the guy he met. This led to the beginning of his understanding of his personal legend and the journey to achieve it.

Commentary: In The Alchemist on pages 39-41 and 43 it states, " .... The two men exchanged some words in Arabic and the bar owner seemed irritated...... he took out his money and counted it.....the other taking it......he was afraid to look around, because he knew what he would find.....nowhere could he find his new companion...... Now he understood why the owner of the bar had been so upset: he was trying to tell him not to trust that man."

Detail: The Alchemist also compares to the Disney movie Aladdin by proving that even though all journeys to your personal legend may be long, they are prosperous.

Commentary: Just like in Aladdin, after going on his long personal legend, Santiago ended up with some money and his girl Fatima. On page 170 of The Alchemist it states ".... his shovel hit something solid......before him a chest of Spanish gold coins." It is also stated on page 171 " I'm coming Fatima, he said."

Detail: Another movie made by Disney, which is also a book written by Michael Teitelbaum that can be connected to The Alchemist, is The Little Mermaid. It does so by demonstrating that hope is what keeps people going towards their personal legend. Ariel's hope of becoming human one day is what kept her going towards her personal legend. Just like in The Alchemist, Santiago's hope of finding the treasure and the hope of finding Fatima waiting for him when he came back home, kept him going on to achieve his personal legend.

Commentary: So in the end, the hope that kept Santiago and Ariel going towards their personal legends had paid off. Ariel became human and got her prince just like she hoped, which was her personal legend. While Santiago achieved his personal legend by gaining treasure and his true love just as he had hoped. On page 170 in The Alchemist it states " ...... part of his new treasure..." it also says on page 126 " ..... I always looked to the desert with longing said Fatima. Now it will be with hope.....I'll return just as your father came back to your mother, he said."

Conclusion: The journey to ones' personal legend can connect to someone else in many different ways. This can mean that their journey is affected by non- rational factors. Even though the journey to your own personal legend is long, it will turn out prosperous. Through it all hope is what keeps you going forward to complete your journey to your personal legend.


The Alchemist By: Paulo Coelho, Romeo and Juliet By: Shakespeare, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid By: Disney, The Little Mermaid By: Michael Teitelbaum, YouTube,


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