Claire's Portfolio By: claire romo

Bird's Eye View Picture 1
Bird's Eye View of a professional smokers life
Off the ledge
Greener than grass
Stop during an exit? no please, green for go
Zip your mouth and drive
The greener the leave, the greener the paper
Personal Green color Image #4
Definition of Summer
C is for Claire, and C is for Chair
C is for Claire , and C is for cake
C is for Claire, and C is for Camera
Flower Study #1
Flower Study #2
Flower Study #3
Behind the Scenes at Kirkwood #1
Behind the Scenes at Kirkwood #2
Behind the Scenes at Kirkwood #3
My fave shoes are your fave shoes too
Coach Claire
My favorite shoes are your favorite too
Not a Parking Opp
Take a dip for .9 of a mile
For God's sake just use the other side
Stop what you're doing and look all 4 ways
They won't pay them selves and it won't pay your semesters tuition
What's in my bag?
You're headed towards the light
Im a worm going to squirm into that phones camera
Mushroom and its natural habitat
Digging for money, or digging for their youth?

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