CEE Engineering wind blades By : Trinity

The variable that increased the power of the wind turbine the most was the angle of the blade or pitch. Another variable we tested that was important is the number of blades the wind turbine had.

The variable that increased the power of the wind turbine the most was design 3 the variable changed was the angle of the blade which was the 30 degree blade angle. Our second variable that we tried was decreasing the number of blades and once we decreased the number of blades the wind blade didn't work nor move . I found out that the number of blades did matter cause I had 4 blades and once I took 2 blades the wind blade had zero power . I also did a test with just 3 blades I noticed that the number of power dropped to .20 Watts. Once I ruduced the wind blade to 2, that failed and didn't work which was the wind blade I did that only had 2 blades produced 0 watts & the one that produced watts was design 2 and design 3 .

This relates to the 3rd law of motion the third law motion states that for every action , there is an equal and opposite reaction . This related to the 3rd law because the action of the wind is punching air against the blade which causes the reaction of the blade being pushed . Since the wind turbine blades are set to a angle the wind is defected at an opposite angle this is the 3rd law of motion . We measured the work done on lifting the greatest number of washers our windblades could lift and the power of the windblades; Work is energy that occurs when a force makes an object move which is measured in joules . Power is the amount of work done or the amount of energy transferred , power is divided by the time required to do the work or transfer the energy measured in watts .

References: Advance Wing Turbine Blade Design Packet of paper & the big purple physical science book

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