Little Big History Final about the iPhone by: Marcus anderson

The iPhone was a new and exciting thing when it came out in 2007. This object was leaps and bounds above and past other competitors which made the competitors try to catch up with Apple. When the competitors caught up Apple had to expand in technology and become the best again. This was very good for the global stand point because everything advanced in technology and instead of technology increase every 10 years or even more it is now expanding in only 36 hours which lets them create bigger and better things.

iPhone 2G
  • History of the iPhone
  • July 11, 2008: iPhone 3G released. It is a lot faster and has a better wireless performance.
  • June 19, 2009: iPhone 3GS released. It includes a much faster load as well as voice control, video and better performance
  • June 24, 2010: iPhone 4 released. It is faster and has much better performance and graphics and also includes a front facing camera and longer battery life.
  • October 14, 2011: iPhone 4S released. Much faster and more powerful and includes Siri, a better voice control.
  • September 21, 2012: iPhone 5 released. It has much higher definition and speed and also includes face recognition and lasts for a lot longer. It is also quite a lot bigger.
  • September 20, 2013: iPhone 5C, 5S released. 5S includes touch ID fingerprint scanner and is much faster and has better cameras and higher definition. 5C includes all the same except the scanner but comes in 5+ different colours.
  • September 19, 2014: iPhone 6 / 6 Plus released. 6 is bigger and more powerful but thinner than the older iPhones wit higher definition and improvements in almost every way. 6+ is huge compared to the other phones and still more powerful.
  • September 25, 2015: iPhone 6s/6s Plus released. Similare to iPhone 6 but had 3D touch and more improvements
  • September 16, 2016: iPhone 7/7 plus released. Battery, charging, touch ID were all improved plus more.

The iPhone relates with a lot of the thresholds of big history. For example they compare to new chemical elements which is threshold 3. For example you need materials to make the iPhone. Threshold 5 is a main reason why the iPhone was created. Life on Earth is part of humans and humans made the iPhone to make a phone and a computer together as one and you can take it anywhere. Threshold 6 is collective learning and this is very big because this is the another reason why we have the iPhone. Without collective learning, people would not be smart enough to make the iPhone and we would still be hunting and gathering. The last threshold that compares to this is threshold 8 which is the modern revolution. The modern revolution let people to have an increase in power and materials. All these thresholds are the reason why we have the iPhone today.

Threshold 5

What are the best conditions to make the iPhone?

Materials Used

The main elements used to make the iPhone are metals like Steel, Aluminum, copper and other elements. It also is made out of glass and plastics. All these materials are from the earth and the lava cooling and through the years this material shows on and in the earth. This all happened from the godly locks conditions to get these materials. The increase in complexity of these materials are the reason why the iPhone is so strong but is also very light.

Collective learning

Collective learning is the greatest reasons that the iPhone was created. People have been getting smarter and more intelligent. Collective learning is the spreading of new information with more people so you get new ideas. The spreading of materials lets Apple create the iPhone with better materials rather than just things in North America.

Views about the world

The first view I am looking at the iPhone is from an engineer. Engineers are the reason why the iPhone looks and acts the way it does. Engineers had to come up with a way to fit every part of technology into a 4.7" screen or a 5.5" screen for the plus model. Engineers have different perspectives on this as they think it could be more powerful but is still very advanced compared to 11 years ago before the iPhone was even released. The other career choice to compare the iPhone with is economics. In 2015 Apple reported a record $51.1 billion in revenue and $11.1 billion in profit for its fourth quarter and has made a lot more sales compared to $42.1 billion in revenue, $8.5 billion in profit and $1.42 in profit. This means that economics would be fascinated about how well the iPhone has sales. They would wonder if the rate of the iPhone would keep increasing or if there will be a point for it to decrease.

Iphone 7

In almost every developed country they have iPhones. In countries that are poor and are still developing wont have them compared to wealthier countries. The developing countries also don't have enough electricity to support people to have iPhones and there is a big change and mostly depends if people have enough money to buy an iPhone.

New iPhone?

The new iPhone is expected to be released in Fall of 2017. It will be called the Iphone 8 and will have new features and Apple is trying to beat their competitors to be the best.

iPhone 8 prediction

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