Meet the Elam Family #underthemagnolia

In your opinion, what makes Magnolia Green stand out?

Magnolia Green is an inclusive community with exciting amenities. It’s a charming family-friendly community that immediately feels like home.

What is your favorite social event in Magnolia Green?

It’s hard to pick just one, but our favorite social event is Friday at the Greens. We love the live music, the food trucks and entertainment for the kids. It’s a really fun event for the whole family.

Why did you choose Magnolia Green?

We chose Magnolia Green because we were looking for a safe place to raise our children, where we can go for walks in the evening and enjoy a Saturday afternoon at the pool. We love everything the neighborhood has to offer. The golf course, the pools, the farmer’s market, the Grille… you never have to leave!

Describe Magnolia Green in one word.