LEP EDUC4100 Signature Assignment By: HeaTher falke

Student rights and responsibilities: Brandt vs. Board of Education. Beaubien School held an annual contest among the eighth grade students to determine the design for the class T-shirt for the 2002-2003 school year. The students submitted twenty designs for the Class of 2003 T-shirt election.The eighth grade students did not choose Michael Brandt's T-shirt design for the official class T-shirt. Principal Kotis prohibited the gifted students' T-shirt design as an alternative graduation shirt because a fair vote was conducted and the alternative T-shirt did not win the election. Michael Brandt testified that when he addressed the Local School Council, he stated that his T-shirt design better represented the gifted students because the T-shirt "was made available to the gifted students, people who I had spent combined total of thousands of hours in close contact with. We felt that us having our own shirt better represented us than having a shirt shared with people with who we hardly knew." The Local School Council supported Principal Kotis' decision to prohibit the alternative T-shirts. Despite the T-shirt's prohibition, the gifted students produced the "gifties" T-shirt and 19 of the gifted students wore the T-shirts to school on April 1, 2003. Principal Kotis told the gifted students that they were in violation of the Uniform Disciplinary Code for failing to abide by the schools rules or regulations. The rule at issue was Beaubien School Dress Code No.2, which states in relevant part: "Clothing with inappropriate words or slogans is not permitted." Thereafter, Kotis told Clancy to contact the students' parents to tell them that the students had violated a school disciplinary code for wearing the "gifties" T-shirts to school. In the end, the student could wear their shirts because it wasn't not jeopardizing students safety. This case was selected because there situations such as this that happen more often than should. Students do have the right to wear whatever they want as long as it obeys the dress code that every school has. School is a place to gain an education, become your own person, and a chance to become successful in life. On the other hand, students do have the right of free expression and now days students do this most often by apparel. Students need to respect the school dress code, but the school need to respect the students right to express themselves.

Source http://www.leagle.com/decision/20061341420FSupp2d921_11268/BRANDT%20v.%20BOARD%20OF%20EDUC.%20OF%20CITY%20OF%20CHICAGO


Teacher Action

As a teacher I could get to know my students and try to understand their thinking behind this situation. Try to make them feel equal to the other students because everyone is special. It mentions in the report that the students feel different than the other students because they are gifted. This could be a perfect opportunity to try to integrate the gifted students into classes with "normal" students. For example, mix the gifted students into regular classes such as P.E. or music, etc. Giving the students a chance to communicate and build bonds with other students besides gifted students. Another action would be to review the dress code laws in the handbook with every student to make sure this sort of incident doesn't happen again.


http://www.davidsongifted.org/Search-Database/entry/A10075 http://beaubienelementary.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/PARENT-STUDENT-HNDBK-2015-2016.pdf


This case could be related to diversity considering the difference between the gifted, normal, and below average students within this school. The gifted students wanted to make their own T-shirt because they felt as if they were different from the other students in school since the amount of time they spent together. With this, I would promote diversity and feel of belongingness in my classroom. Hopefully with this, my students will be able to all learn together and not feel the difference between them.


With technology I could use different apps and website to help the students accommodate with their differences. I could also use different apps or websites to help teach the students how to communicate with diverse students. Teach the students that even know there are differences between two people, they could still build a friendship.


The student will benefit from understanding that it is alright to be different. Different can be a good thing and learning how to get along with others and how to collaborate with different people will be a skill they will use forever. Another benefit would be the diversity technology that I would provide for my students.


http://www.teachersfirst.com/gifted_strategies.cfm http://www.teachhub.com/20-amazing-ipad-apps-educators

Teacher rights and responsibilities: Mancha v. Field Museum of Natural History. In this case Roberto Mancha, a 12 year old boy, went on a field trip with his seventh grade teachers and students to the Field Museum of Natural History. When they arrived at the museum the teachers divided the students into small groups and allowed them to explore the museum unsupervised. During his stay at the museum he was assaulted by students not associated with his school. Roberto's parents sued, charging that the teachers who organized the trip were negligent in not supervising their students and in failing to foresee and guard against Roberto's injury. The court ruling stated that teachers were not negligent or required to supervise students constantly in places where there was minimal likelihood of injury to the student. The reason that this case is so important is because when teachers take the students out of school, those children are the teachers most important priority no matter their age. This situation could have been avoided if the teacher had more adult personnel supervisors and dividing the students up with one adult supervisor. The students were going to see all of the exhibits at the museum anyways and by grouping them with an adult, the students could of had more safety support. Which means if an adult was around this incident could have been avoided. Teachers need to make sure they are planning field trips safely. Even know there may not be a chance of injury, accidents do happen and teachers need to be aware of the possibilities that could happen.

Source http://www.leagle.com/decision/19727045IllApp3d699_1544/MANCHA%20v.%20FIELD%20MUSEUM%20OF%20NATURAL%20HIST. https://edissues519.wikispaces.com/file/view/Liability++Manchu+v+Field+Museum+of+Natural+History.doc

Teacher actions

As a teacher, I will be taking a few field trips throughout the year. It will be my responsibility to make sure that the trip has a detailed plan, there are enough adult chaperones to keep all the student safe, make sure we have emergency contacts for every student, and have a back up plan/emergency plan that all the students are aware of. This is very important because there are accidents that can happen, but having a structured plan and safety procedures, the students should be able to enjoy and learn from the field trip.

Sources http://eprogressiveportfolio.blogspot.com/2012/06/field-trip-strategy.html



The diversity with this case could be on how each student learns. Some students will learn better on field trips, other could learn better if they did a virtual field trip. Depending on the students and how they learn will determine on what kind of field trips the class will take and also where the class will go. This will also depend on the parents and if they want their child going on field trips and if we can get enough adults to help with the field trip so the kids stay safe.


The technology that I could use for field trips could be Google Goggles which is an app that will allow the student to scan the artifact they are looking at with their smartphone camera and it will provide a brief explanation of it. It also provides other links they could look at to gain more information about the artifact. Another way is by completing a virtual field trip with the students. The teacher could do this as a class or individually. This could reassure the teacher and parents that the students are "experiencing" different places in a safe environment.


The benefit of this case would be to not assume certain places are not dangerous. In this case, the teacher probably thought that a museum would not be a dangerous place, but in fact it was. Teachers do still need to keep supervision on students no matter their age or place because accidents do and could happen. Field trips can be very beneficial to students and their learning process so teachers need to keep safety in mind when planning trips for the students.


https://www.virtualfieldtrips.org/benefit https://m.neamb.com/professional-resources/how-field-trips-boost-students-lifelong-success.htm

Teacher personal rights and responsibilities: A 24 year old teacher who had been teaching for three years at Ciudad Obregon went on a vacation in Los Cabo's, Mexico. While she was there she participated in a dance competition, during which she danced very inappropriately on stage. Someone in the crowd recorded the dance and it went viral. The parents of her students eventually saw the video and were outraged. She was basically forced to resign due to her inappropriate behavior. She didn't feel as if she did anything wrong since it was outside of school. The importance of this case is teachers need to act professional everywhere which means in and out of school. New and experienced teachers need to remember that people are always watching and it's a small world. This teacher thought she was "safe" because she was 400 miles away from her job, but technology has its disadvantages. Teachers are supposed to be role models; someone that children can look up to and that parents can trust. A persons personal actions are usually going to affect their professional life.


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3532399/Primary-school-teacher-sacked-video-twerking-bikini-Mexico-sweeps-web-spotted-outraged-parents.html http://dailycaller.com/2016/04/12/elementary-school-teacher-fired-for-being-too-good-at-twerking-video

Teacher actions

In this case, if I were the teacher on vacation, I would not enter any competitions that would drawl attention to myself. Even know that she was many miles away from her school district, it still affected her. Teachers need to be professional at all times no matter the situation. Parents and administrators are always watching and evaluating teachers to make sure theymatch their expectations. Being immature or reckless could hinder ones job.




The diversity in this case would be the different types of teachers. Some teachers such as this young women, wouldn't think her actions were inappropriate. She basically said she was on vacation and having some fun and didn't do anything bad. Other teachers would say that the school district was right for forcing her to resign. Teachers get held to a higher expectations because we are not only teachers to the students, we are always a role model, supporters, friend, mentor, etc. and if we are acting inappropriately then that just tells our students that they can act this way too.


In this case, technology is what got her into trouble. We are always learning about how our actions on social media can affect our job. This is not the first teacher than had to resign because of what was found on the internet. Teacher have to be smart about their decisions! Someone once said "If you don't want your students to see you doing it, then you probably shouldn't be doing it." - Unknown.


The benefits from this story would be to learn from this teachers mistakes and be/make smarter decisions. Another benefit from this could be to teach new and experienced teachers that this type of behavior is inappropriate and will not be tolerated by the schooldistricts. If one were to act like this, there will be consequences.


http://www.education.act.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0007/17692/TeachersCode_ofProfessionalPractice.pdf http://www.connectsafely.org/eduguide/

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