School of Live Sound IN MISSION (sLSm) @ YWAM MissionVillage TrAINING Campus


Created & Initiated by YWAM MissionVillage


To train and equip students to strive for excellence in their sound profession in mission/ministry and formulate incredible live sound experiences for the congregation in the church, worship and music events, concert, YWAM bases, etc.


The aim of this school is to provide students with a broad Biblical based understanding of Mission, and to train and develop them in their skills and talents for Live sound profession in ministry. We desire to see our students incorporate this gifting in mission in their every day life, thus reflecting a way that will influence the lives of others. School of Live Sound in Mission teaches how to serve in mission with excellence in their sound profession also gives the practical skills you need to work as a sound engineer in live music, conference, YWAM events, other function were there is a need of live sound venues. Learn how to mix gigs, get to grips with mixing desks, microphones, monitors, DI boxes, setting up the stage, etc . Small classes ensure benefit from plenty of hands-on training from professional sound engineer.


1. Develop an understanding of mission, management, speaking skills, and discipleship.

2. Train and equip the individual gifts and talents of students and prepare them for ministry which reflect the next generation worship and church experience.

3. Develop a strong spiritual foundation, Christian worldview

4. Develop servant leadership skills with a focus on problem solving, communication, conflict resolution, and ministry/mission.

5. Develop character and integrity through personal development experiences, mentorship, and fellowship with other believers in Christ.

6. Provide knowledge of sound and practical experience to mix Front of House and mix Monitors for the artists on stage, in the church, music and worship events, concerts, ywam base, etc.

8. Provide an environment where they can grow in there gifting and falling.

9. To teach how to mix gigs: get to grips with mixing desks, microphones, monitors, DI boxes, setting up the stage, etc


​Irwingstone Howard from Pune, India is free lancing Live sound/Systems Engineer for both small and Large and elaborate setups, with the state of the art equipment. Proactive, a Motivator, and a Team leader with good communication skills. Good with electronics. Capability in trouble shooting, repairs and giving quick and simple Solutions. Traveled to different places in the world for work and education. He attended Bachelors of degree program in Recording Arts (Hons) at Middlesex University London. Completed Diploma in Audio engineering in Sydney, Australia.This gives an upper edge and a lot of experience in dealing with people, different types of music and cultures. Can use tools of the trade very efficiently. Developed a good network with professionals and the industry, making resources easily available. Have been featured in newspapers, web articles and periodical, both as an individual and as a referring consultant. He also associated with YWAM school in the areas of training sound/recording.


Starting: July 9th, 2018

Duration: 3 Months

Cost : 18500 INR inclusive of Tuition, Accommodation & Food (this fees only for C category Nation. Please contact for the other category details.


@ YWAM MissionVillage Training Center-Coimbatore

MissionVillage, 36 Paris Nagar, Coimbatore-641014, Tamil Nadu-India

Contact-+918870000501, email: registrar@missionvillage.in

This course is fully registered & accredited with University of the Nation

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Created By
Robin @ YWAM MissionVillage Coimbatore


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