Sunflower Part 2 A vintage jewel

Sunflower A Vintage Jewel Part 1 can be found here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/gX0rt6IuEh74G/


That's a lot of drawers! Starting on the 79" dresser/buffet tomorrow. So excited to see how this turns out. Love, love, love the sunflower medallions on the big drawers. Wish I could find out the manufacturer.

Cleaned and ready for paint

This is one heavy piece, but we got her out of the storage unit and into the house without mishap or argument. We are able to back our truck right up to the porch so we didn't have far to go to get it into the hall. And, that is where it is going to stay while I paint it. My house will not be the same this coming week. I already told Danny we were getting someone to help carry it out.

It was a long day today but I got it painted. Life got in the way yesterday and I didn't get started. But did get it cleaned. No major repairs needed. Yay!

Next step is to put one coat of poly on and then I will decide if I'm going to use a dark brown glaze on just the detail area only. May experiment with just a bit of glaze on the rest. The secret is to do the coat of poly first, then use baby wipes to wipe off as much of the glaze as you want. But that's for another day.

Ok. I couldn't wait. I just had to see what it would look like with a sunflower medallion drawer in place. I think the carving is so interesting. I think it looks like symbols. I can see the sun, water, mountains, and wind.

So far, so good! The medallion has just a bit of copper and gold metallic on the flower part. I may just have to give the detail a hint of rub 'n buff as a final touch.

Update: This big guy is finished. I have given him a name: Sol Sunflower - and he is for sale - $750.00 - For more information, my email is sharsumpaint@gmail.com

I am for sale: $750.00
Close up of medallion
Smooth as silk top

Update: Sol Sunflower sold - to the owner of Sunflower Cottage! Who better to own this beautiful piece of vintage furniture!

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Sharon Sumner


Photo by Sharon Sumner - SharSum Paint

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