Spanish Midterm Jessica Grooms

El Alfabeto

  • Qué tiempo hace- What is the weather like?
  • Hace calor- It's Hot
  • Hace Frio- It's cold
  • Hace Sol- It's sunny
  • Hace Viento- It's windy
  • Llueve- It's raining
  • Nieva- It's snowing
  • Hace mal tiempo- The weather is bad
  • Hace bien tiempo- The weather is good
  • Hay una tormenta- There is a storm
  • Relámpago- Lighting
  • Esta Fresco- It's chilly


?Que hora es?

  • 1-1:59: Es la una __________
  • Any other time: Son las ___________
  • Media- Half: 30 minutes
  • Cuarto- 1/4: 15 minutes
  • Menos- Minus
  • Hora- Hour
  • Minuto- Minute
  • Example: 3:50 would be Son las tres y cincuenta
  • 12:50 Would be Es la uno menos diez

Las estaciones

  • El Verano: The Summer
  • Invierno: The Winter
  • La primavera: The spring
  • Otoño: The Fall

Los Pronombres

-Ar Verbs

To conjugate a verb you must drop the Ar/Ir/Er ending and add on the end that is given in the chat according to who or what is being addressed


  • Box the stem
  • Determine Ending
  • Find Subject for needed ending
  • Drop your stem
  • Add the needed ending

-Ar Words

  • Patinar- To skate
  • Bailar- To dance
  • Hablar- To talk
  • Usar- To use
  • Trabajar- To work
  • Caminar- To walk
  • Tomar- To drink

-Er/-Ir Verbs

-Er/-ir verb words

  • Correr- To run
  • Comer To eat
  • Beber- To drink
  • Deber- To owe
  • Vivir- To live
  • Escribir- To write
  • Abrir- To open
  • Recibir- To receive

Ser Verb

The verb Ser means to be and should be used when the following things are used

  • D escription
  • O ccupation
  • C hracteristics
  • T ime
  • O rgin
  • R elationship

Estar Verbs

The verb Estar means to be and should be used in the following things are used

  • P osition
  • L ocation
  • A ction
  • C ondition
  • E motion



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