Should America Admit More Syrian Refugees into this Country? By: Erica Gorman

Syrian refugees should not be admitted into this country. After President Trump was elected as President, he signed an executive order on January 23rd, 2017 to ban all Syrian refugees from coming into this country. This temporarily halts refugee admissions for 120 days. Trump signed this executive order in order to improve the vetting process (thorough background check). Trump said, " We have no idea who these people [Syrian refugees] are, we are the worst when it comes to paperwork and who knows if they could be terrorists." More than half of the Syrian refugees that have resettled into America did not get a thorough background check and so Trump believes it is best to recheck all of the Syrian refugees who are living in America today in order to finish redoing the paperwork properly. With this executive order taking place, Trump's idea on not allowing anymore Syrian refugees into this country is one of the best ideas in mind. This will help benefit the security of America when the documentation of Syrian refugees gets done the proper way.

This executive order has caused a controversy issue between both sides who agree and disagree on bringing more Syrian refugees into America. The pro side who think more Syrian refugees should come into America believe it is the right thing to do during this crisis within their own country. They believe the Syrian refugees are fleeing from the same terrorists who have threatened America and cannot allow terrorists to intimidate us on being humanitarian.

The con side who believe Syrian refugees should not be allowed into resettling into America agree with Trump on not knowing who could be a potential terrorist. They believe America needs to re-evaluate every individual with a thorough background check and think it is best for the safety of our country.

Of the nearly 800,000 refugees who have come to the United States since 9/11, fewer than 20 have been arrested on terrorism charges. Out of these 20 arrested, none were made by Syrian refugees. Some examples include: St. Bernardino which was attacked by a U.S. citizen and his wife from Pakistan, Orlando nightclub shooter was a U. S. citizen son of Afghanistan parents, and bombing from Boston marathon was made two Kyrgyzstan refugees.

Photo of the St. Bernardine shooting.

Based on examining both sides of this debate on Syrian refugees, my answer to this question has come down to a no. More than half of the Syrian refugees who already came into this country did not get a thorough background check. With that being said, America is already paying out $582 million a year to resettle refugees into this country. This is not helping both countries because all it is doing is costing America more money versus fixing the problem being faced in Syria today.

Since America has already helped Syria for the past couple of years by resettling them into this country, I believe the next best thing is to now start focusing on the American citizens. Around 49 million American citizens are still affected by hunger with 17 million of those American citizens being children. This means 46% of the hunger- relief recipients had to choose between paying for food or utilities. Seeing these ten facts about hunger in America in the bottom photo is sad to see based on how well the Syrian refugees have been given versus the American people.

Just by comparing how much the Syrian refugees get versus the Americans in the hunger-relief income program shows they are being provided with six times more on annual income. Now is this not unfair or what? The income between both sides should have income close in range, especially, since the American citizens should be provided more versus refugees who were never born into this country.

With this being said, the Syrian refugees should not be allowed to be admitted into resettling into America because this country has already done their fair share of helping out. There is only so much Americans can do in providing for the extra care they need so the next best opportunity for them is to provide food, water, and shelter within their own country. By doing this, America can create an area to protect the Syrians from harm and danger while figuring out a plan to attack Isis in order for the Syrian refugees to feel safe again within their own country. This new plan would cost less and at the same time, would be productive into fixing this crisis within Syria.

Isis terrorist group

On a side note as well that lead to my reasoning for a no to this question as well is that the Syrian refugees do not want to resettle into America. Syria is their homeland and the Syrians believe the problem should be fixed within their own country instead because this country is all that they know of. If they move to America, then they will have to learn to adapt to America's culture. The Syrians feel scared moving into a new country which they are not familiar with because they are not sure if Americans would learn to accept them. If America was in the same crisis as Syria, they would agree as well on the same circumstances because the American citizens only know the American culture and how to live through it on a daily basis. By helping the Syrian refugees with taking care of Isis within their own countries and providing the essentials they need in order to survive there, the problem will then become fixed. In the end this will save a ton of money, along with allowing the Syrian refugees to be able to stay in the country in which they were born and raised.


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