Independent Assortment stephen stallings

Meiosis: mitosis is asexual is has growth repair it has 1 division it has 2 indentcal cells it has 46 chromosome.

meiosis is sexual cell and it create gametes it has 2 divisions and 4 unique haploid cells but has 23 chromosome

  • Nondisjunction: the failure seperating of homologous chromosomes
  • Recessive Genes: a gene that has been masked by a dominant gene
  • Dominant Genes: the dominant gene
  • Somatic Cell: any body cell
  • Germ cell: it is a sex cell passed down from your parents
  • Kleinfetter's syndrome: germ cell and dominant
  • Down Syndrome: can be recessive, and germ cell
  • Colorblindness: germ and recessive
  • Turner's disease: germ cells and is neither dominant or recessive
  • your karotype is your physical features and your genotype is how your body is made. Your genotype may change your phenotype if your chromosome fail to separate.

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