The battles of Lexington and Concord. It all began when the Colonists dumped out 342 barrels of tea from three British tea ships in December, 1773. This infuriated the British, causing them to enforce the intolerable acts, in 1774. This act led to British military rule in Massachusetts, kept British officials from being vulnerable to prosecution in America, and required the Colonists to give quarter to British troops. The colonists began to rebel and store military supplies in the surrounding area. In early April, 1775, the military Governor of Massachusetts was ordered to send a military force to Concord, led by Lt. Colonel Francis Smith, to capture military supplies. The patriots learn of this British force and send Paul Revere to warn the patriots along the way to Concord that the British are coming.

On the night of April 18th, 1775, approximately 700 British troops began a march from Boston to nearby Concord. In the town of Lexington about half way to Concord the British encountered 77 militiamen, words were exchanged and someone fired the first shot. When all the shots were fired, 8 militiamen were dead and 9 were wounded and only one British wounded. The British continued onto Concord to search for military supplies. As they arrived to Concord, they found few weapons but many more militiamen totaling almost 2 thousand. They then decided to head back to Boston after a brief fight in Concord. On their retreat to Boston they were followed and shot at by the militiamen all along the route. When all was said and done approximately 250 British were killed or wounded compared to 90 for the militia.

Going forward, will this start a much larger war? As recent as 1763 we saw how the French and Indian War started as a simple skirmish yet lasted 9 years. Will the British make life harder for the Colonists? Remembering the Boston Tea Party, the British imposed the Intolerable acts which made life harder on the colonists. Or, will there be a peaceful coexistence? There have been many examples of mankind killing each other over long periods of time, such as the Spanish rule in Central America. It would be a welcome change to see this possible war end before it even starts with both sides living peacefully among each other.



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