Urbanization Closing down our resouces By: Daniel Leger

Urbanization is negatively affecting South American environment. With an increasing population we are in more environmental trouble then ever. For example in the 1800's only two percent then the world was urbanized now 50 percent of the earth is urbanized. The most urbanized area on earth right know is south america, were most of our resources come. By urbanizing this region we take out animals and ruin our natural water sources. That is not all though if we put down all these shops and houses we pollute more and ruin our air and soil. With all of the damage that has been done to this environment there is not much fixing to do right now, but we can make it better for later generations. Urbanization has some positives to it. With an increasing population we will not be so crowded. Also we will have more room to build homes for the homeless, we still need to try to stop it. One simple thing every one can do in this region is not use a car but use a bike or walk if you are going short distance. Outside of the region we should tried to pass laws on urbanization. This law would put a larger price on industries trying to put/build their factories and stores.

These photos represents how we think that it is more important to build and expand rather then caring for the environment you live in.
This graph shows the difference between urban and rural areas.
This is all of the trash that is accumulated from urbanization.

With all that we have done is environment the key to stoping this is working together

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Daniel Francis Leger

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