Phil, you will be missed By Grace montgomery

The halls of Pod Four filled with the sound of bagpipes as students walked in procession. A cross that read, “RIP Phil Bass, swim on swim on,” led the pack. The casket followed shortly behind. Each person had a flower in hand ready to pay their respects.

They gathered around the grave site to witness the burial of our dear friend Phil the Fish on Monday Oct. 12. Phil had passed away over the summer, but due to COVID-19 his funeral was postponed.

Students and faculty were given the opportunity to share their cherished memories of Phil in celebration of his life. Science teacher Roger Glass prepared a poem for the event.

After the poem was recited, Phil’s casket was lowered into the ground. Students lined up one by one to place flowers over the casket and say their final farewell. Phil now lies in peace and will forever be a part of our hearts. Swim on Phil, swim on.