Colour vision defect Genetic disease

Colour vision defect is a genetic disease that's present in eight percent of me and less than one percent of women a total 4.5 percent of the total population. Symptoms are difficulty seeing different colours and the inability to see shades or tones of different colours

Genetics of the disorder

Colour vision defects are inherited by an X linked recessive genotype. This is the reason colour vision defects are more common in males as males have an X chromosome.

An example of the ishihara test

The Likely outcome for people with colour vision defect is that they will live out there lives normally but should not pursue careers as electricians or bomb defusers. Colour vision defect can be tested using the ishihara test which tests the persons ability to see coloured numbers on a coloured background or to trace a coloured line on a coloured background. Treatments are colour filtered lenses for glasses.

An example of coloured filtered glasses


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