Cheer Up Emily LaPollo

I came up with the idea for my company because I have been cheering since i was in 2nd grade , and if you haven't been doing it a while we help you build skills.
I was inspired to start my business because it is something I’m passionate about.
I am very enthusiastic , and hardworking. My family has always been supportive of what I do.
I like to cheer outside of school , and tumble. I just got my back handspring last night !
My target market is 6-14 year olds b/c that’s the main range for cheerleaders. I think asking people on my team or the other teams if they need help for tryouts or routines is the best way !
My business is unique because it is taught by actual cheerleaders and for younger kids.
People should buy my classes rather than others because it is run by current cheerleaders , and it is different because it is affordable and well run.


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