Marti McCoy By: Aliandra Minoletti

She has been married to Todd McCoy for 22 years. Mrs. McCoy has an eighteen year old daughter, Taylor, that attends Stephen F. Austin State University. Her thirteen year old is in the eight grade and goes to MVMS.

She has always loved helping her peers with school work, especially math.

She wanted to be a teacher most of her life. She had an awesome eight grade teacher that encouraged me to become one herself.

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: its about understanding.

She teaches sixth grade math. She has taught math for twenty-five years.

Her favorite book is the Holy Bible, because it is God's word and gives her direction in her life.

She loves the fall season and all the school activities that come with it: football, cheerleading, and UIL for middle school.

She wants her students to leave her class feeling successful in math and loving it. She also wants them to know that she cares deeply for all of them.

She absolutely loves teaching. She loves when a student walks in her class at the beginning of the year hating math and walks out loving and understanding it.

She loves going on cruises, and she loves to take the boat out to the lake on the weekends. Mrs. McCoy loves spending time with her family.


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