Alternate Therapy Hydrotherapy - Hot & cold therapies

What is Alternate Therapy?

The use of both HEAT and COLD therapy techniques in order to address the client's needs and or issues. The two extreme temperatures are used either in alternating succession or in conjunction with each other to achieve the goals of the bodywork / massage session.

This is conceived from a more in depth assessment of the client: what is the main concern? is there any inflammation? has there been an injury? are there other outlying health concerns or contraindications? what is the clients level of vitality? is this a local or systemic application (or both)? what types of HEAT and/or COLD therapy would be most suitable or beneficial for this particular client?

Types of Heat & Cold Therapies

Hot or Cold Foot/Hand/Arm Bath

Hot or Cold Towel (Local or Systemic Application - Wet or Dry)

Hot or Cold Compress (using Ice or Rice Bag)

Developing a Protocol

Client Assessment: speak with client about concerns, palpate, visual assessment, take notes, and ask questions

Preparation: gather materials, prep heat source, prep table/work area, towels, etc

5 Minutes: using oil/lotion apply petrissage/effleurage to warm and prep tissues

5-15 Minutes: Heat / Cold Alternate Therapy Application

5-10 Minutes: Massage / Close Session

Clean up: put all washable materials in laundry, turn off heat source, clean other tools/buckets/foot baths, dispose of used water/ice


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