The Globe Theater Sarah Hamada Period 2

This is an outer image of the Globe Theater.
This is how the Globe Theater looks inside.
The Globe Theater was extremely crowded.

Thesis: The Globe Theater influenced the modern theater through structure, costume, and audience participation.


Quote #1: "The Globe was round or polygonal on the outside and probably round on the inside. The theater may have held as many as 3,000 spectators" (Seidel).

Commentary: The shape and space of the Globe Theater influenced how modern theaters are built today. They are built to hold thousands of people at a time. The round shape allows more people to see the stage at the same time.

Quote #2: "Its stage occupied the open-air space, with a pit in front for standing viewers. The stage was surrounded by several levels of seating" (Seidel).

Commentary: The setup of the seats on different levels in the Globe Theater influenced modern theater because currently they are built with levels that starts low from the front and gets higher all the way to the back. This allows everyone to be able to see the stage. The pit in front can be set aside for VIP seating in modern theaters because it's so close to the stage.

Quote #3: "We can see that this stage, with its few sets and many acting areas - forestage, inner stage, and upper stage - made for a theater of great fluidity. That is, scene could follow scene with almost cinematic ease" (Anderson).

Commentary: The Globe theater was creative when it came to using the stage. There were not many sets so the stage had to be used in a way that the scenes of the play moved from one to the other. In modern theater, the stage is set up to move from scene to scene without stopping the play.

Quote #4: "Public theaters, like the Theater or the Globe, were large wooden structures that were roughly circular. The galleries along the sides were covered, but most of the structure, including the large raised stage which projected about halfway into the theater, was unroofed" (Alchin).

Commentary: The structure of the Globe Theater had a big impact on how theaters were built. Most of them now have open spaces in a circular shape. This is to make the space seem bigger.


Quote #5: "The absence of scenery did not result in dull or drab productions...flashing swords and swirling banners also added color and excitement" (Lander).

Commentary: The Globe Theater influenced the modern theater by adding scenery. Back then, people usually had to imagine what the background would look like, instead of nowadays, the background and excitement is displayed in the plays.

Quote #6: "Characters could thus easily disguise themselves by wearing the garments of a certain social class or occupation" (Lander).

Commentary: The Globe Theater used costumes to create the characters disguises for the play. It influenced how costumes are used today in modern theater. Everyone wears a costume to complete their character.

Quote #7: "A remarkable group of vivid characters populate his plays. They include rogues and aristocrats, housewives and stuffy teachers, soldiers and generals, shepherds and philosophers" (Lander).

Commentary: During the old days, certain people were used to play characters because of their job or status. This eventually lead to people wearing costumes like they do today.


Quote #8: "One delicate observer complained of "garlic-breathed stinkards" and of smokers puffing away on that foul weed newly imported from the New World, tobacco¨ (Covington).

Commentary: Modern theater was influenced big time by this because there is no smoking allowed in theaters nowadays. This allows everyone to be comfortable by not having to smell the stinky tobacco smoke.

Quote #9: "Pickpockets plied their trade, though at considerable risk; one account tells of a pickpocket who, caught red-handed, was tied to a post onstage and pelted with stones" (Covington).

Commentary: During that time, there were a lot of thieves that took advantage and stole from the all people that would attend the Globe theater. In modern theater, security protects people and makes sure everyone follows the rules so there is order.

Quote #10: "The behavior of some the audience was the worse! Theaters didn’t just show plays. Some also served as a bear pit, brothel and gambling house. Crime increased at Theaters and following the performances the crowds were noisy and unruly" (Benson).

Commentary: The entertainment industry has a lot of drugs and inappropriate behavior. It was this way in the past and still happens nowadays.

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