"Because I could not stop for Death" Emily Dickinson



The first stanza is basically talking about that she is going to submit to Death because it was coming to her. She's saying it as if Death is a actual person that picked her up and they started riding around. But, it's mostly also, the fact that she may be tired of living.

Second stanza is talking about her slowly riding with Death, as if it is not just coming to her now, but slowly. Then she says she has to give in to Death to feel civilized.

Third stanza is telling off as she kids having fun on a playground. They pass "Fields of Grazing Grain" and "The Setting Sun". All of these nice images to show a joy that is leaving her.

Fourth stanza she's saying that Death made it a illusion and that he is trying to make her think Death is the way to go. She describes the material of her outfit.

Fifth stanza talks about how "they" or her come up to a house. She describes the house in different ways, basically saying it's a broken down house.

Sixth stanza is her talking about the end. How her life is feeling shorter than the daytime and she can see Death taking her away. Then she says she goes to eternity, or she dies.

A picture of Death on his horse.

Tone words: Passive and Sad

In the first stanza, I annotate off the bat that she thinks she is close to death. There is a bunch of imagery. Immortality was chosen as a positive word, because of how it could be used, but in her case it could be a negative word.

Second stanza I annotated from it that she is slowly dying. As it says "they" drove slowly, meaning her and Death.

Third stanza I annotated that she is seeing light, as her and Death are traveling together. The stanza adds some visual imaginary as Fields of Gazing Grain and Setting Sun. Repetition at the beginning of lines three and four. The visual imaginary affects could be signs of Metaphors as well.

Fourth stanza I annotated that she is pretty much explaining her clothing and the material. I underlined Gossamer, Tippet, and Tulle since I didn't know what they were. Adds a huge visual effect of the material her clothes are made of.

Fifth stanza I annotated that she sees a old house, maybe seeing how the light can change. Huge visual effect from this scene. She explains how the house looks.

Sixth stanza I annotated that her spirit is leaving her. That she is going into eternity or dying. Eternity can mean good and bad, but I saw it as a positive word, as it could be the right eternity she could be going to seeing the light before the house.

Old house
Picture of a women wearing a Tippet

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