PLATE Boundaries Haley bowen

convergent plate Boundary
  • convergent boundary: convergent boundary is a plate that slides underneath another plate, in plate tectonics, a convergent boundary, also known as a destructive plate boundary (because of subduction), is an actively deforming region where two (or more) tectonic plate or fragments of the lithosphere move toward one another and collide
convergent boundary

when continental and oceanic plates collide the thinner and more dense oceanic plate is overridden by the thicker and less dense continental plate. when convergent boundary occurs between two oceanic plate one of those plates will subduct beneath the other. the cascade mountain range is a line of volcanos south america is another example of a convergent boundary between an oceanic and continental plate. here in Nazca plate is sub ducting beneath the south american plate.

Divergent Boundary

Divergent plate boundary: Divergent plate boudary is a plate that is being pulled apart and the seafloor spreads. it forms at the mid-ocean ridge (mid-Atlantic ridge). when the divergent boundary occurs beneath oceanic lithosphere the rising convention current below lifts the lithosphere producting a mid-ocean ridge. a type of stress is tensions.

Divergent Boundary

as the plates separate along the boundary, the block between the faults cracks and drops down into soft, plate interior. a divergent boundary crosses the land, the rift valleys which form are typically 30 to 50 kilometers wide.

Transform Boundary

Transform Boundary: Transform boundary is a plate that moves pass each other. Transform boundaries are plates where plates slide away sideways past each other. at Transforms boundaries are found on the sea floor, where they connect segments of diverging mid- ocean ridge. california's san Andreas fault is a transform boundary.

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